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I am from Germany
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The ocean is calling me since the very first time I lay my eyes on it. Whenever I feel unsure about what to do or in another way disconnected I go to sea. Strongly interested in photography and writing I decided to learn more about the world and how to protect it and studied Geography, Management of Environment and Politics in Bochum and Berlin. Afterwards I worked for several NGOs and campaigns for a couple of years. But then the call of the ocean got too strong and I went travelling and diving which opened up new horizons, if not dimensions. I use my pictures to illustrate my writing and vice versa.
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  Smelling roses Living moment seems so much easier underwater. our worries selfdoubts stay surface we even take time stop smell like this nudibranch Hypselodoris tryoni. underwater (self-)doubts (self)doubts (self )doubts tryoni). tryoni)

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