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Roy Spraakman

I am from Australia
Member since: Monday, May 4, 2020
Semi Retired from Civil Construction. Resident in Adelaide South Australia.
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  Anilao Batangas Phillipines. Two Stone fish resting. How many are there Phillipines resting
  Sitting whipcoral image taken Nikon D850 105mm macro lens f8 1250th ISO 100 Exp 1/250th, 1250th, 250th, -5
  Hipocampus Pygmy Seahorse coral fan. Taken off Anilao Phillipines. Nikon D850 f25 1320th ISO 640 105mm fan Phillipines 1/320th, 1320th, 320th,
  Pair Chromodoris Willani Anilao Phillipines.Nikon D850 DX mode 105mm f36 1320th ISO 100 Phillipines. Phillipines 1/320th, 1320th, 320th,
  Muckdiving Anilao Philippines. Located this crab nestled fronds Sea Pen. image taken 105mm lens Nikon D850 DX mode. Muck-diving Muck diving Philippines Pen mode
  Great White South Neptune Islands Australia

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Macro - Super macro242
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Wide Angle - Marine Life144
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