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Glenn Ian Villanueva

I am from Philippines
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I'm Glenn from the Philippines. I regularly dive in Anilao, Batangas which is famous for diverse tiny critters. I shoot with Sony A7R in Nauticam housing. Obviously, I love shooting macro.
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  This photo nudibranchia Cyerce Elegans. very beautiful nudi spreading his petallike body structure. Quite rare Anilao was lucky have photographed one. Elegans petal-like petal like structure one
  This photo file fish trying camouflage his environment. Secret Bay Anilao Philippines. environment Philippines
  Taken Secret Bay Anilao Philippines
  This photo fish jellyfish hiding predators. Taken Anilao Philippines during one our blackwater dives. predators dives
  This photo common nudibranch chromodoris willani. very clean looking nudi one my favourites. Taken Anilao Philippines. willani favourites Philippines
  This photo seacucumber shrimp well known emperor shimp Periclimenes Imperator. Taken Anilao Philippines. sea-cucumber sea cucumber Imperator). Imperator) Philippines

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Macro - not swimming10515
Macro - Nudibranchia181156
Macro - Super macro11857
Macro - swimming7486
Wide Angle - Marine Life144
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Philippine Sea624036
Visayan Sea3186
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