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Glenn Ian Villanueva

I am from Philippines
Member since: Saturday, December 25, 2021
I'm Glenn from the Philippines. I regularly dive in Anilao, Batangas which is famous for diverse tiny critters. I shoot with Sony A7R in Nauticam housing. Obviously, I love shooting macro.
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My Portfolio

  This photo yellow goby Gobiodon Okinawae found inside beer bottle. Taken Anilao Philippines. bottle Philippines
  This photo Melibe Colemani nudibranch has been dubbed holy grail nudis. Im honoured be able take beautiful rare slug.Hope they multiply sightings them were recently rare. Anilao Philippines. nudis slugHope slug Hope Philippines
  This photo nudibranch Trinchisea Yamasui. Taken Anilao Philippines. Yamasui Philippines
  This photo Moray Eel trying play my camera. was quite challenging getting good distance photographing fella he seems want be closer lens. Taken Puerto Galera Philippines. camera lens Philippines
  This photo juvenile scorpionfish sitting hard coral. Taken Puerto Galera Philippines. coral Philippines
  This photo octopus inside large beer bottle. She seems be happy living bottle shes always spotted it. Taken Anilao Philippines. it Philippines

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Macro - Close-Up10727
Macro - not swimming9414
Macro - Nudibranchia12806
Macro - Super macro7476
Macro - swimming22110
totals 412666
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Philippine Sea382486
Visayan Sea3186
totals 412666
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totals 412666
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