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I am from Austria
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My name is Martin Schrack, I come from Upper Austria, I am a fire brigade diver and an enthusiastic amateur diver. I've been taking photos since I was young, but the whole thing has died down a bit.
A diving course changed that in 2016: From then on I started taking photos again, and I also took a few pictures under water.
For this I used the GoPro and other action cams, but was not happy with the results. As I grew my diving skills tremendously, I just wanted more…
In 2018 I took my good old Nikon D200 into the water.
With a Subal housing and two Sea&Sea flashes and two Riff D11 lamps, we started.
From that point on, I decided to delve further into underwater photography. The Nikon D800E in the Subal housing is currently in use with the Sea&Sea flashes.
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  Divers Attersee Austria under jetty

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Macro - Close-Up133
Over/Under (shots half topside, half U/W)11111
Wide Angle - Close Focus221
Wide Angle - Divers5183
Wide Angle - Marine Life242
Wide Angle - Wrecks122
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Bali Sea133
Landlocked Seas/Lakes6111
Red Sea231
totals 12403
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totals 12403
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