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I am from Indonesia
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i'm Tommy Harivaldo from Indonesia. i'm 22 years old, i started love watching underwater video when i was 16, but i never have the guts to take this path. And now, i just started taking underwater photos (mostly macro). i hope i can become photography so i can explore & taking more underwater photos.
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  lumiere you
  frogfish nudibranch together side side. even different species but they need each others. just like us. others us
  stiliger smaragdinus. heard this nudibranch are rare see. luckly my last dive tulamben spotter find it. smaragdinus see it
  camouflage key survive this cruel underwater world you dont want be standout. accidently found bigger whip shrimp while try take smaller shrimp. he laying bottomsand. standout bottom/sand. bottom/sand bottom sand.
  this pregnant skeleton shrimp see eggs her translucent body. mother just hanging around look surface. body surface

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Macro - Close-Up166
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Macro - Nudibranchia2126
Macro - swimming284
Over/Under (shots half topside, half U/W)177
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Bali Sea12554
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