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I am from Netherlands
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I am an avid diver from the Netherlands. I really like cavediving and technical diving. I started underwaterphotography because I wanted pictures of my cavedives. After using some years actioncams to take pictures that gave bad quality, I decided it was time to get some more quality and bought the Olympus OMD EM5 mk2 about 3 years ago. Now I also take pictures of fish or whatever I find interesting under water. But caves and flooded mines are still my preferred subject. I use the housing of Isotta, because I needed a housing that can do at least 100m depth. I have a housing for the em5 mk2 and one for the em1 mk2 which I bought last year.
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  History under water old slate mine Germany lot cables front. you imagine people worked here front
  very special picture redeyed damselflies under water. This couple putting their eggs underwater. silver color due small air bubbles breathe red-eyed red eyed water underwater
  Speleothem diver background cenote Dos Palmas Mexico. caves Mexico are best ones world. world
  This small heremitecrab has really nice eyes. Taken use snoot. eyes snoot
  Lily same mirrored small lake Netherlands pictures taken 100 under water but 10 cm depth. depth
  Flooded Slatemine Germany. Germany

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Bali Sea7172
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Mediterranean Sea10494
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Netherlands Antilles19854
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