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I am from French Polynesia
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I am Bernard, I live on an atoll named Rangiroa in French Polynesia. This atoll is known for its variety of species such as dolphins, hammerhead sharks and many others. How many years have I discovered this place and I am always motivated to dive because encounters are always unforgettable for divers and photographers. I often use a canon 90d with a wide angle Tokina lens, an Ikelite housing and strobe.
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  Bottlenose dolphin Rangiroa French PolynesiaGame seduction between dominant male female during moment reproduction. reproduction
  Bottlenose dolphin RangiroaSmall group dolphins two young passing near me curiosity my presence

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Wide Angle - Close Focus4215
Wide Angle - Marine Life141107
Wide Angle - Natural Light (no strobe)2168
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French Polynesia201477
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