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I am from Switzerland
Member since: Saturday, July 10, 2004
I started uw photography using a Nikonos V and took pictures with it on and off for about 12 years. Then it flooded again (I flooded 3 in total!) and I decided to go digital with no regrets.
I used to have an Olympus C5050 with external macro and wide angle lens and an Inon strobe.
Just recently my husband and I bought a Nikon D200 with S&S housing and 2 S&S strobes and 105mm lens as well as a Canon 350D with an Ikelite housing, 1 Ikelite and 1 Inon strobe and a 105mm lens. We both use both cameras in turn and it really is a great improvement once again although a lot harder to use....
I run a divecenter in malaysia and take my pictures mainly there, but every year I take a diving holiday somewhere else to take some different photos.
If you want to see more of my pictures you can have a look at our website: website
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  This curious green turtle came have closer look my domeport
  Space ship.I dont know why he doing this but looks great. If anyone knows what behaviour means please tell me. ship. ship great me
  Anemone closeup close-up close
  Non stinging Jellyfish lake Kakaban. Taken while snorkling. had wetsuit but no weightbelt so keep kicking down take this photo Kakaban snorkling
  Baby turtle beach trying crawl its egg. egg
  Baby turtle just released sunset carried away wave. Sangalaki Indonesia. Nikon D200 10.5mm lens Inon strobes under water. wave Indonesia 105mm 10 5mm water

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United Kingdom13131
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