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I am from United Kingdom
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I'm from the UK but Puerto Princesa in Palawan, the Philippines has been my second home for nearly ten years. I went on the very first whale shark trip in Honda Bay in 2007, and have since been regularly involved with helping to promote the trips somewhere that is not as widely known as other locations, but provides perfect opportunities and conditions for photography.

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  Whale shark being followed shoal red fish avoiding eaten. large these were sheltering beneath our boat escape shark. Honda Bay Palawan. eaten Palawan
  am intrigued amazing reflections whale sharks subsurface. When its calm make point tilting my housing upwards. love partial distortion this one combined swimmer give sense size motion. sub-surface. sub-surface sub surface. upwards motion
  Whale shark feeding bait ball surface Honda Bay Palawan. great location observing variety behaviour. This one my favourite because they are completely stationary easy approach. Palawan behaviour approach
  took this photo seconds after jumping off boat Honda Bay. whale sharks bay often be seen feeding surface are relatively easy approach. small fish prey species but associated them. approach them
  Pair whale sharks feeding Honda Bay Palawan. There were four skipjack tuna small shoaling fish less mile offshore. Palawan offshore

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