photo photo contest© UnderwaterPhotography.comthe #1 u/w photo contest12/14/2017 1:54:46 PMSusanna Randazzo encounter with baarracudas in Ustica island12/14/2017 12:46:00 PM encounter with baarracudas in Ustica island Giorgetta Mountain12/14/2017 10:03:00 AM Mountain Venturelli gorgonians12/14/2017 3:27:00 AM gorgonians Gargiulo Wreck Torre Vado12/13/2017 4:18:00 PM Wreck Torre Vado Gargiulo Wreck12/13/2017 4:16:00 PM Wreck Meli MOUCHEZII Marettimo Island - 201712/13/2017 7:03:00 AM MOUCHEZII Marettimo Island - 2017 Pacienza the light.12/12/2017 2:45:00 PM the light. Venturelli gorgonians12/1/2017 10:33:00 AM gorgonians Ianniello 4:26:00 PM Venturelli barracudas11/21/2017 3:48:00 AM barracudas