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Viewing topics

    Adobe provides complete documentation in an accessible HTML-based help system. The help system includes information on all the application's tools, commands, and features for both Windows and Mac OS systems.

Using the help window

    The help window is divided into two frames: the Navigation frame on the left and the Topic frame on the right. In the Navigation frame, click one of the following underlined links:

    • Using Help to return to this introduction.
    • Contents to see the help's table of contents.
    • Index to see the help's index.
    • Site Map to see all topic titles in Help and the index in one list.
    • Search to look for topics containing specific text.

    To display a help topic in the Topic frame, click a link in the Navigation frame. For example, click a link in the table of contents to display the corresponding topic.

    To resize the frames, drag the vertical border between them.

Navigating in help topics

    Click the following underlined links in the Topic frame to navigate in Help:

    • Previous to display the previous topic in Help.
    • Next to display the next topic.
    • Top to jump from the bottom to the top of a topic.
    • Cross-references to other topics to display the referenced topic.
    • Parent topic links at the top and bottom of the topic to move back in the hierarchy of help topics.
    • Related subtopics in the list at the end of the topic.