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Using Search

    Use Search to find all topics that contain specific words.

    To use Search, JavaScript must be active in your web browser. If the Search link does not appear in the Navigation frame, check your browser's settings.

To find a topic using Search:

  1. Click Search at the top of the Navigation frame.
  2. The Search text box and button appear in the Navigation frame.

  3. Type words you want to find and click Search.
  4. Links to topics that contain the search words appear in the Navigation frame. The topics that are most likely to contain the information you want are at the top of the list.

  5. To display a topic, click its title in the search results.

Search details

    • If you type more than one word separated by spaces, the results include topics that contain all words you typed. For example, if you type "Adobe Photoshop," the results include topics containing both "Adobe" and "Photoshop" anywhere in their title or body content.
    • The Search feature doesn't do word-stemming. For example, if you search for "image" the search won't match "images" or "imaging." Also, if you search for "images" the search won't match "image."
    • Matches are not case-sensitive; so "Photoshop" is the same as "photoshop."
    • Topics that include matches in their titles are ranked higher in the search results. The number of matches in a topic's body content also affects its rank.
    • The Search feature ignores all punctuation characters except periods within words and underscores.

Stop words

    The Search feature filters (and ignores) very common words you type in the Search text box. Often called stop words, these common words usually don't improve the search results. Examples of stop words include "the," "of," "as," and "when." In addition, the Search feature ignores one- and two-character words (unless the 2-character word includes a digit).

    For example, if you type "working with color management" in the text box, the search excludes the word "with" and displays pages that contain "working," "color," and "management."