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Creating rasterized shapes

    As the name implies, rasterized shapes are not vector objects. Creating a rasterized shape is the same as making a selection and filling it with the foreground color. You cannot edit a rasterized shape as a vector object.

To create a rasterized shape:

  1. Select a layer. You cannot create a rasterized shape on a vector-based layer (a shape layer or a type layer).
  2. Select a shape tool, and click the Fill Pixels button Fill Pixels button in the options bar.
  3. Set the following options in the options bar:
    • Mode to control how the shape will affect the existing pixels in the image. (See Selecting a blending mode.)
    • Opacity to determine to what degree the shape will obscure or reveal the pixels beneath it. A shape with 1% opacity appears nearly transparent, while one with 100% opacity appears completely opaque.
    • Anti-Aliased to blend the shape's edge pixels with the surrounding pixels.
  4. Set additional tool-specific options, and draw a shape. For more information, see Using the shape tools and Using the pen tools (Photoshop).
  5. Note: In Photoshop, you can easily switch between drawing tools by clicking a tool button in the options bar.