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Sharpen filters

    The Sharpen filters focus blurry images by increasing the contrast of adjacent pixels.

    Sharpen and Sharpen More (Photoshop)

    Focus a selection and improve its clarity. The Sharpen More filter applies a stronger sharpening effect than does the Sharpen filter.

    Sharpen Edges (Photoshop) and Unsharp Mask

    Find the areas in the image where significant color changes occur and sharpen them. The Sharpen Edges filter sharpens only edges while preserving the overall smoothness of the image. Use this filter to sharpen edges without specifying an amount. For professional color-correction, use the Unsharp Mask filter to adjust the contrast of edge detail and produce a lighter and darker line on each side of the edge. This process will emphasize the edge and create the illusion of a sharper image. (See Sharpening images.)