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Using texture and glass surface controls

    The Conté Crayon, Glass, Rough Pastels, Texturizer, and Underpainting filters have texturizing options. These options make images appear as if they were painted onto textures such as canvas and brick or viewed through glass blocks.

To use texture and glass surface controls:

  1. From the Filter menu, choose Artistic > Rough Pastels, Artistic > Underpainting, Distort > Glass, Sketch > Conté Crayon, or Texture > Texturizer.
  2. For Texture, choose a texture type or choose Load Texture to specify a Photoshop file.
  3. Drag the Scaling slider to enlarge or reduce the effect on the image surface.
  4. Drag the Relief slider (if available) to adjust the depth of the texture's surface.
  5. Select Invert to reverse the surface's light and dark colors.
  6. For Light Direction, indicate the direction of the light source on the image.