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Brush Stroke filters

    Like the Artistic filters, the Brush Stroke filters give a painterly or fine-arts look using different brush and ink stroke effects. Some of the filters add grain, paint, noise, edge detail, or texture to an image for a pointillist effect.

    Accented Edges

    Accentuates the edges of an image. When the edge brightness control is set to a high value, the accents resemble white chalk; when set to a low value, the accents resemble black ink.

    Angled Strokes

    Repaints an image using diagonal strokes. The lighter areas of the image are painted in strokes going in one direction, while the darker areas are painted in strokes going the opposite direction.


    Preserves the details and features of the original image while adding texture and roughening the edges of the colored areas in the image with simulated pencil hatching. The Strength option controls the number of hatching passes, from 1 to 3.

    Dark Strokes

    Paints dark areas of an image closer to black with short, tight strokes, and paints lighter areas of the image with long, white strokes.

    Ink Outlines

    Redraws an image with fine narrow lines over the original details, in pen-and-ink style.


    Replicates the effect of a spatter airbrush. Increasing the options simplifies the overall effect.

    Sprayed Strokes

    Repaints an image, using its dominant colors with angled, sprayed strokes of color.


    Paints an image in Japanese style, as if with a wet brush full of black ink on rice paper. The effect is soft blurry edges with rich blacks.