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Applying and creating rollover styles

    Rollover styles (indicated by a triangle in the upper left corner of the style thumbnail) simplify rollover creation by allowing you to turn a layer into a rollover effect with a single click. A rollover style includes all the attributes of a rollover, including its states and layer effects. When you apply a rollover style to a layer, the layer becomes a layer-based slice.

To apply a rollover style to a layer:

  1. Select a layer in the Layers palette.
  2. Choose Window > Styles, or click the Styles palette tab, to display the Styles palette.
  3. Click the thumbnail for the rollover style you want to apply. Rollover style thumbnails have a triangle in the upper left corner.

To create a rollover style:

  1. In the Rollovers palette, create the desired rollover states. (See Creating rollover states.)
  2. Note: You must use a layer-based slice in order to create a rollover style.

  3. Apply the effects to each state using predefined styles in the Styles palette or by manually setting layer effects in the Layers palette. (See Using layer effects and styles.)
  4. In the Styles palette, click the Create New Style button New Item button , or choose New Style from the palette menu.
  5. Enter a name for the style, set style options, and click OK. The Include Rollover States option must be selected in order to create a rollover style.
  6. The new rollover style appears in the Styles palette. The thumbnail preview displays the effects in the Normal state.