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Rearranging and deleting frames

    You can change the position of frames in an animation and reverse the order of selected contiguous frames. You can also delete selected frames or the entire animation.

To change the position of a frame:

  1. Select the frame you want to move in the Animation palette or the Rollovers palette.
  2. Drag the selection to the new position.
  3. Note: In the Animation palette, you can select and change the position of multiple frames. (See Selecting frames.) However, if you drag multiple discontiguous frames, the frames are placed contiguously in the new position.

To reverse the order of contiguous frames:

  1. Select the contiguous frames you want to reverse.
  2. Choose Reverse Frames from the Animation palette menu.

To delete selected frames:

    Do one of the following in the Animation palette or the Rollovers palette:

    • Select Delete Frame from the palette menu.
    • Click the Trash button Trash button , and click Yes to confirm the deletion.
    • Drag the selected frame onto the Trash button.

To delete an entire animation:

    Select Delete Animation from the Animation palette menu or the Rollovers palette menu.