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Saving files in Photoshop PDF format (Photoshop)

    You can use the Save As command to save RGB, indexed-color, CMYK, grayscale, Bitmap-mode, Lab color, and duotone images in Photoshop PDF format.

To save a file in Photoshop PDF format:

  1. Save the artwork, and choose Photoshop PDF from the Format menu. (See Saving files.)
  2. In the PDF Options dialog box, select the options you want, and click OK.
  3. Encoding

    Determines the compression method. (See About file compression.)

    Note: Bitmap-mode images are automatically encoded using CCITT compression--the PDF Options dialog box does not appear.

    Save Transparency

    Preserves transparency when the file is opened in another application. (Transparency is always preserved when the file is reopened in Photoshop or ImageReady.) This option is not available if the file contains a spot color channel.

    Image Interpolation

    Anti-aliases the printed appearance of a low-resolution image.

    Downgrade Color Profile

    If you selected ICC Profile (Windows) or Embed Color Profile (Mac OS) for a version 4 profile in the Save dialog box, downgrades the profile to version 2. Select this option if you plan to open the file in an application that does not support version 4 profiles.

    PDF Security

    Specifies security options such as password protection and restricted access to a file's content. Choose 40-bit or 128-bit RC4 encryption for a lower or higher level of security. For more information on PDF security, see Acrobat Help.

    Include Vector Data

    Preserves any vector graphics (such as shapes and type) as resolution-independent objects, ensuring smoother output. When it is selected, you can select the following options:

    • Embed Fonts ensures that all fonts used in the file are displayed and printed, even on computers that do not have the fonts installed. Bitmap fonts, fonts that don't allow PDF embedding, substitute fonts, type that uses the faux bold style, and warped type cannot be embedded. Selecting Embed Fonts increases the size of the saved file.
    • Use Outlines for Text saves text as paths. Select this option if embedding fonts results in a file that is too large, if you plan to open the file in an application that cannot read PDF files with embedded fonts, or if a font fails to display or print correctly. Text saved as outlines is not searchable or selectable in a PDF viewer. You can, however, edit the text when you reopen the file in Photoshop.

    Note: The PDF viewer may display a substitute font if both Embed Fonts and Use Outlines for Text are deselected.