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Taken at Anilao  the heaven for macrography photographers
By Low Sook Wei
posted 12:18 CST Today (within the last hour)
Underwater s star
By Ferdinando Meli
posted 11:47 CST Today (1 hour ago)
underwater jewel
By Ferdinando Meli
posted 11:25 CST Today (1 hour ago)
Pinar  1 Wreck in Bodrum
By Caner Candemir
posted 08:56 CST Today (4 hours ago)
tubbataha bigfish
By Marc Van Den Broeck
posted 08:00 CST Today (4 hours ago)
By Marc Van Den Broeck
posted 07:58 CST Today (5 hours ago)

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Underwater Photo Contest Entry

Taken by: Chris Krambeck

Bubble coral with lice?
Who knows the bugs?
Bubble coral with lice?
Who knows the bugs? by Chris Krambeck

forum thread for this image
Posted: Tuesday, April 17, 2012- (4/17/2012 3:01:00 AM)
Category: Macro - Close-Up
location: Sulu and Sulawesi Seas Indonesia
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Answer Hi Chris,
these guys are parasitic flatworms (Waminoa sp)
18012 point member
Mat member image
message Hi Mat,
flatworms! Great, would never have found out on my own.
Thanks a lot
Chris Krambeck
3187 point member
Chris Krambeck member image