photo photo contest© UnderwaterPhotography.comthe #1 u/w photo contest4/13/2024 7:21:42 PMJulian Hsu Squat Lobsters (Chirostylus sandyi)10/6/2023 1:43:00 AM Squat Lobsters (Chirostylus sandyi) Hsu Shrimp10/2/2023 11:05:00 PM Shrimp Hsu's pygmy seahorse9/28/2023 9:31:00 PM's pygmy seahorse Hsu and eggs9/25/2023 1:54:00 AM and eggs Hsu sp.9/12/2023 12:43:00 AM sp. Hsu shrimp on sea hare9/5/2023 11:49:00 PM shrimp on sea hare Hsu crab8/31/2023 crab Hsu 12:59:00 AM Hsu batfish juvenile8/16/2023 12:25:00 AM batfish juvenile Hsu shrimp juvenile8/10/2023 1:46:00 AM shrimp juvenile