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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Cayman islands

3147 Entries Found: Page 9  of  117
Take a left!
There is a lot of color on the Orange Canyon dive site, it is just a matter of lighting it to show to best advantage.
"A Fantastic Find!"
A dwarf frogfish on Grand Cayman. This little guy was smaller than a pinky nail, and camouflaged to the color of the sand. This is only the second frogfish I've ever seen in over 500 dives in Cayman.
Highly Evolved
When I took this image, I wanted to make it look like a ghost appearing from the mist as I approached.
Hi, little guy./Blenny/Grand Cayman,Canon 5D MarkIII,100mm macro Lens,NauticamSMC, Iron Z240*2
"Liquid Mercury"
Stormy Day and Diver
Let's Dance/Sting ray/Grand Cayman,Canon 5D MarkIII, 8-15mm fisheye lens,F18,1/200,ISO200
A large lobster has found a "soft" place to rest, inside a giant sponge.
Sailfin Blennys can become a "blur" as they dart from their holes, flip their sail up and down a few times, and dart right back in.
Hey there...
Spinyhead blenny was almost as curious about my lens as I was about him.
Diving on the Kittiwake, I wanted to show a large portion of the bow, and how it fades off into the distance
A small shrimp traverses the colorful corallimorph on which it lives.
This tiny shrimp seems to be carrying a piece of the anemone it resides on.
Snorkeling at Spotts Beach, Grand Cayman.
Small shrimp on a brown anemone.
Diver over large pillar coral at Fish Tank in Grand Cayman's East End.
We were photographing a band of Pederson shrimp on a purple vase sponge when an Angel fish swam up and the shrimp got to work.
Inside the Chamber/USS KITTIWAKE/Grand Cayman,Canon 5D MarkIII, 8-15mm,Inon Z240*2, F8,1/200,ISO200
"The Chase"
A French grunt is framed as it peers out through a hole in a coral reef.
"Little Big Logger"
By far the youngest Loggerhead I have encountered. Still by no means is this a small turtle. Its shell was still roughly 3ft. in length.
Sting Ray City
A spotted cleaner shrimp spaces out on the tip of a purple anenome.
105mm with SMC
"Sand Castles"
A Spotted Eagle Ray digs in the sand in search of a meal.
"Two Way Street"
Southern Stingrays glide across the sandy bottom of the Sandbar.
3147 Entries Found: Page 9  of  117

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