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Texture filters

    Use the Texture filters to give an image the appearance of depth or substance, or to add an organic look.


    Paints an image onto a high-relief plaster surface, producing a fine network of cracks that follow the contours of the image. Use this filter to create an embossing effect with images that contain a broad range of color or grayscale values.


    Adds texture to an image by simulating different kinds of grain--regular, soft, sprinkles, clumped, contrasty, enlarged, stippled, horizontal, vertical, and speckle.

    Mosaic Tiles

    Draws the image as if it were made up of small chips or tiles and adds grout between the tiles. (In contrast, the Pixelate > Mosaic filter breaks up an image into blocks of different colored pixels.)


    Breaks up an image into squares filled with the predominant color in that area of the image. The filter randomly reduces or increases the tile depth to replicate the highlights and shadows.

    Stained Glass

    Repaints an image as single-colored adjacent cells outlined in the foreground color.


    Applies a texture you select or create to an image. (See Using texture and glass surface controls.)