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Arranging user slices and layer-based slices

    When slices overlap, the last slice you create is the top slice in the stacking order. You can change the stacking order to gain access to underlying slices. You can specify which slice is on the top and bottom of the stack and move slices up or down in the stacking order.

    Note: You cannot arrange the stacking order of auto slices.

To change the stacking order of slices:

  1. Select a slice. In ImageReady, you can select multiple slices.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • With the slice select tool active, click a stacking order option in the options bar: Bring to Front Bring to Front , Bring Forward Bring Forward , Send Backward Send Backward , Send to Back Send to Back .
    • (ImageReady) Choose Slices > Arrange, and choose a stacking order command from the submenu; or choose a stacking order command from the Slice palette menu.
    • (ImageReady) Drag the slice up or down in the Rollovers palette. (See Using the Rollovers palette.)