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Setting history options (Photoshop)

    You can specify the maximum number of items to include in the History palette and set other options that customize the way you work with the palette.

To set history options:

  1. Choose History Options from the History palette menu.
  2. Select an option:
    • Automatically Create First Snapshot to automatically create a snapshot of the initial state of the image when the document is opened.
    • Automatically Create New Snapshot When Saving to generate a snapshot every time you save.
    • Allow Non-Linear History to make changes to a selected state without deleting the states that come after. Normally, when you select a state and change the image, all states that come after the selected one are deleted. This enables the History palette to display a list of the editing steps in the order you made them. By recording states in a nonlinear way, you can select a state, make a change to the image, and delete just that state. The change will be appended at the end of the list.
    • Show New Snapshot Dialog By Default to force Photoshop to prompt you for snapshot names even when using the buttons on the palette.