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Making a snapshot of an image (Photoshop)

    The Snapshot command lets you make a temporary copy (or snapshot) of any state of the image. The new snapshot is added to the list of snapshots at the top of the History palette. Selecting a snapshot lets you work from that version of the image.

    Snapshots are similar to the states listed in the History palette, but they offer additional advantages:

    • You can name a snapshot to make it easy to identify.
    • Snapshots can be stored for an entire work session.
    • You can compare effects easily. For example, you can take a snapshot before and after applying a filter. Then select the first snapshot, and try the same filter with different settings. Switch between the snapshots to find the settings you like best.
    • With snapshots, you can recover your work easily. When you experiment with a complex technique or apply an action, take a snapshot first. If you're not satisfied with the results, you can select the snapshot to undo all the steps.

    Important: Snapshots are not saved with the image--closing an image deletes its snapshots. Also, unless you select the Allow Non-Linear History option, selecting a snapshot and changing the image deletes all of the states currently listed in the History palette.

To create a snapshot:

  1. Select a state.
  2. To automatically create a snapshot, click the New Snapshot button New Snapshot button on the History palette, or if Automatically Create New Snapshot When Saving is selected in the history options, choose New Snapshot from the History palette menu.
  3. To set options when creating a snapshot, choose New Snapshot from the History palette menu, or Alt-click (Windows) or Option-click (Mac OS) the New Snapshot button.
  4. Enter the name of the Snapshot in the Name text box.
  5. For From, select the snapshot contents:
    • Full Document to make a snapshot of all layers in the image at that state.
    • Merged Layers to make a snapshot that merges all layers in the image at that state.
    • Current Layer to make a snapshot of only the currently selected layer at that state.

To select a snapshot:

    Do any of the following:

    • Click the name of the snapshot.
    • Drag the slider at the left of the snapshot up or down to a different snapshot.

To rename a snapshot:

    Double-click the snapshot and enter a name.

To delete a snapshot:

    Do one of the following:

    • Select the snapshot, and choose Delete from the palette menu.
    • Select the snapshot, and click the Trash button Trash button .
    • Drag the snapshot to the Trash button.