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Hermit crab spotted on a yellow sponge coral in Croatia.
Only when I looked at it later did I notice the animal s blue eyes...
By Martin Schrack
posted 13:56 CST Today (4 hours ago)
True Love
By Alison Ranheim
posted 13:26 CST Today (4 hours ago)
By Sigitas Sirvydas
posted 09:29 CST Today (8 hours ago)
nemo points
By Marc Van Den Broeck
posted 05:32 CST Today (12 hours ago)
Cratena stand up_2022
 Canon100  1/200 f25 iso400
By Antonio Venturelli
posted 04:43 CST Today (13 hours ago)
Harlequin Shrimp
By Jeffrey Lim
posted 04:31 CST Today (13 hours ago)

Egypt Underwater Photo Sites (7)

Egypt flag
Egyptian flag
Egypt climate graphEgypt map
Egypt flag Egypt has a total land surface area of 1001450 Sq Km (386662 Sq miles)
Egypt is part of Africa
  • The currency used in Egypt is Egyptian Pound
  • The language of Egypt is Arabic (official), English and French
  • The capital of Egypt is Cairo
  • The time in Egypt is 02:25
  • The coastline of Egypt is 2450 kilometres (1519 miles)

The climate in Egypt is desert; hot, dry summers with moderate winters

Egypt Underwater Photo Sites (7)
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Daedalus Reef (North Side), Egypt
Port Ghalib (Abu Dabbab), Egypt
Port Ghalib (Abu Dabab), Egypt
Daedalus Reef (north side), on board of the "Seven7Seas", Egypt
South of three pools, Egypt
Mare del Sinai, Egypt
Dahab, Egypt
St John's reef, Deep South Egyptain Red Sea, Egypt
Wadi Lahmy Azur, Egypt
Abu Gusum - Marsa Alam, Egypt
dive spot: "Elphinstone Reef" (North Plateau), Egypt
dive spot: "Shaab Marsa Alam", Egypt
south part of the Red Sea, St. Johns Reef, dive spot "Umm Hararim", Egypt
Ras Umm Sid, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
Elphinstone, Egypt
St, Johns Reef, Egypt
Sataya, Egypt
little brother, Egypt
Um Sid, Dahab, Egypt
Paradise reef, Egypt
501 Entries Found: Page 7  of  26
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