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Underwater Photo Contest | Macro - Nudibranchia

8173 Entries Found: Page 1  of  303
Sea slugs. A subject popular with macro guys! (means naked gills) Flatworms allowed
Nembrotha sp.
Doto racemosa
Coryphellina exoptata_2023
Pteraeolidia ianthina_2023
So much life, so many colors are hidden in the Mediterranean Sea. This is a specimen of Cratena peregrina nudibranch photographed at La Formica dive site,in 2022.
Caloria indica. (f/8, 1/80, ISO-200, 37mm). - Els by E&e Lp
by: E&e Lp
Caloria indica. (f/8, 1/80, ISO-200, 37mm). - Els
Ardeadoris egretta with commensal shrimp.
Goniobranchus leopardus
Close-up of a Hypselodoris tryoni.
Nikon D80 with Ikelite housing and Ikelite strobes. Nikkor 105mm, ISO 100, f/13, 1/100.
Coryphellina rubrolineata,Havelock island_Andamans_India_2023
Flabellina exoptata_Havelock island_2023
A wish upon stars
Cyerce elegans
Ardeadoris electra
"El toro". Is it a performing rockstar ? Is it a bull ? F... by E&e Lp
by: E&e Lp
"El toro". Is it a performing rockstar ? Is it a bull ? Flabellina affinis in the current. (f/25, 1/160, ISO-100, 22mm, UCL-165). - Erik
Close up an old piece of string a few meters deep, covered by algae and other organisms including these two Flabellina nudibranchs that have captured my attention for their bright color.
“Lets go”
Polycera sp.
Olympus EM1X
Chromodoris trimarginata.This dorid nudibranchs have their gills gathered in a tuft at the back of their body like a little bouquet of lungs which they use to breathe. Photo taken at wreck dive site_Goa_2023
Chromodoris naiki nudibranch_Goa_2023
Hypselodoris apolegma
Goniobranchus leopardus
Hypselodoris apolegma couple
Olympus EM1 Mark II and 60 mms macro 2X Inon S2000
F16 1/250
Nudi branchia (naked gills) of the Hexabranchus sanguineu... by E&e Lp
by: E&e Lp
Nudi branchia (naked gills) of the Hexabranchus sanguineus (Spanish dancer). (f/8, 1/80, ISO-200, 42mm, UCL-165). - Els
Intensely colorful Cratena nudibranch_2022
8173 Entries Found: Page 1  of  303