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Jimmela SabanateTREAT ANIMALS WITH KINDNESS. You can call me Jam, from the Philippines. I been diving since 2014. I love taking pictures especially underwater the macro stuffs. I join here to share what I capture underwater and at the same time I can see other underwater pictures from the others.PhilippinesPhilippines
Sarp GolI am Sarp. I am an uw photographer for 3 years. I use an Olympus TG-6 and Olympus housing. I like macro photos and I mostly dive at Mediterranean.My Website
Charly ClérisseMy name is Charly, I am French Underwater Photographer travelling the world and trying to capture the beauty of the underwater world.My Website
Juthathip JangjarasWe are scubadivers who are living in Thailand. We like to take underwater macro pictures of small creatures we find when we are diving. We use Olympus compact camera and it's housing.ThailandThailand
Alistair DayJust returned to SCUBA after a twenty year break. Back in the eighties, underwater photography was an expensive pastime. Now it’s available to everyone!AustraliaAustralia
Jeffrey LimI am an eye surgeon who started underwater photography in 2018.PhilippinesPhilippines
Glenn CarballoIm Glenn from Dauin Philippines, I am a Scuba instructor for 25 years and photography is my hubby. Most of my dives are in the VIsayas region, I used to have big camera but for the past 10 years i switch to small and compact. So I want to share some of our critters in Dauin.PhilippinesPhilippines
Brenda de VriesI am an avid diver from the Netherlands. I really like cavediving and technical diving. I started underwaterphotography because I wanted pictures of my cavedives. After using some years actioncams to take pictures that gave bad quality, I decided it was time to get some more quality and bought the Olympus OMD EM5 mk2 about 3 years ago. Now I also take pictures of fish or whatever I find interesting under water. But caves and flooded mines are still my preferred subject. I use the housing of Isotta, because I needed a housing that can do at least 100m depth. I have a housing for the em5 mk2 and one for the em1 mk2 which I bought last year.NetherlandsNetherlands
tommy harivaldoi'm Tommy Harivaldo from Indonesia. i'm 22 years old, i started love watching underwater video when i was 16, but i never have the guts to take this path. And now, i just started taking underwater photos (mostly macro). i hope i can become photography so i can explore & taking more underwater photos.IndonesiaIndonesia
Salvatore LauroHi , this is Salvatore, I been diving since 1979, started with a sea&sea camera in the late 80’. Today I enjoy a compact SonyRx100 VII, NauticamItalyItaly
Aboy CapiliI’m Aboy Capili an avid diver. I recently got an olympus om de m5 m2. Been using it for almost a month nowPhilippinesPhilippines
Penn De Los SantosI’m Penn from Batangas City, Philippines. I have been taking underwater photos for 15+ years. I usually dive around Anilao, Batangas City, and Puerto Galera. Most of my photos are taken using an Olympus TG4.PhilippinesPhilippines
Matt NeustadterMy name is Matt Neustadter. I'm an underwater cinematographer and photographer based in Huntington Beach, CA. Paid or not, my passion is documenting sea life.My Website
United StatesUnited States
Özen GözlerI am Özen from Türkiye. I started U/W photography 20 years ago.TurkeyTurkey
Glenn Ian VillanuevaI'm Glenn from the Philippines. I regularly dive in Anilao, Batangas which is famous for diverse tiny critters. I shoot with Sony A7R in Nauticam housing. Obviously, I love shooting macro.PhilippinesPhilippines
Melody CarsonI'm Melody from land locked Missouri. I started diving about 10 years ago in a mine in Bonne Terre, Missouri. Wanted to share my love of diving so picked up a camera to shoot some pics to share with family and friends. I dive with an Olympus OMD EM-5 Mark II and love it!United StatesUnited States
Kelly HsiaoI’m an underwater fine art photographer based in Maui, Hawaii. My mission is to inspire a sense of self-worth, as I believe the world becomes a better place when people value themselves and their own paths. I graduated from Pratt Institute, NY, BA in photography in 2000 and have exhibited my work in New York City, the San Francisco Bay Area, Madrid, Spain, and held in private collections all over the world. United StatesUnited States
Michael BauklohMy name is Michael Baukloh, born in 1975 and I live in the municipality of Nümbrecht in Germany. Since I was 12 years old, I've been looking for motifs with a diving device and underwater camera. I was able to achieve numerous placements in the top ten at national and international photo competitions and championships. Including at the International Photography Awards, Moscow International Foto Awards and the Kamera Louis Boutan. Furthermore publications in the specialist magazines "tauchen", "unterwasser", "sporttaucher" and "neptun".My Website
Jose Maria Abad OrtegaI am Jose and I was born in Spain but actually, I live in Moalboal Philippines. I'm a very active amateur photographer and diver since 1980. Actually, I am ACUC Instructor, SDI instructor, and 3 stars diver of FEDAS CMAS . In Underwater Photography I started around the year 1992 with film and a Bonica Snapper camera with macro lens , then I switched to The Sea & Sea Motormarine II EX camera with its accessory macro and a flash YS- 60 of the same brand, I have very good memories equipment. Later I was shot With another reflex cameras by film (Nikon F60 and F100 with film Fujifilm Velvia and Provia) and digital reflex cameras(Nikon D70s D200 D300s and D700). Actually, sometimes I use Nikon d700 but also, the more light cameras Olympus System EM1 Mark2, Panasonic GX1 and the very small compact camera Olympus TG6 with different models of Inon , Sea Sea and Seafrogs strobes. Housing Nauticam. I like especially macro shots and I always try to capture the subject is alive.My Website
Aleksander KuznetsovI'm Aleksander from Ukraine. I like to take underwater photos.UkraineUkraine
1785 Entries Found: Page 1  of  90