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Steve KathreinTechnology teacher and SCUBA diver. I enjoy visiting Tiger Beach and filming the beautiful girls that hang out there. I take all my videos and photos with my GoPro 10 :)United StatesUnited States
Vard Keem AtuelI am a CMAS divemaster and a certified public accountant (CPA) from the Philippines. I started scuba diving in 2017 and underwater photography in 2022. I started using an Olympus TG5 and started using strobe in the last quarter of 2023. I am passionate about underwater photography because it allows me to capture the beauty of the underwater world and share it with others. My favorite underwater subjects to photograph are macro subjects, such as nudibranchs and frogfish. I am still learning about underwater photography, but I am always looking for new ways to improve my skills. I am also excited to explore new dive sites and capture the unique underwater beauty of each place. I regularly share my photos in my Instagram: @vard_keem and I encourage you to follow me on social media.PhilippinesPhilippines
Jimmela SabanateYou can call me Jam, from the Philippines. I been diving since 2014. I love taking pictures especially underwater the macro stuffs. I join here to share what I capture underwater and at the same time I can see other underwater pictures from the others. U/W photographerU/W photographerPhilippinesPhilippines
Joshua IpI'm Josh, just started u/w photography recently with my TG-6. I am addicted to the water world and want to bring what I see to the world.CanadaCanada
Jessica DekkerI am Kim Jessy from the Netherlands. I use a Nikon Coolpix W300. My first underwater camera with which I love to explore absolutely anything that appears in and near the sea. The underwater world feels like a blessing every time I see it and I wish to share that feeling with people all over the world. The ocean is the heart of the world, in how I see it, which is very much alive but also forced to fight human impacts. By learning more about the entire ecosystem I hope we will all appreciate it so much that smart conservation will become natural for us.My Website
bernard beaussierI am Bernard, I live on an atoll named Rangiroa in French Polynesia. This atoll is known for its variety of species such as dolphins, hammerhead sharks and many others. How many years have I discovered this place and I am always motivated to dive because encounters are always unforgettable for divers and photographers. I often use a canon 90d with a wide angle Tokina lens, an Ikelite housing and strobe.French PolynesiaFrench Polynesia
Bonnie GulzowI am an original member of The Damon Dive Team! I love connecting with ocean elements and sea life around the world. My underwater photography exemplifies these relationships, bringing smiles to the hearts of scuba divers everywhere!United StatesUnited States
DIDIER PASQUINIJe m'appelle Didier, je suis plongeur CMAS3* depuis 1999 et Photographe sous marin depuis 2021. j'habite à la Réunion depuis 2018 et j'ai la chance de pouvoir pratiquer mes passions chaque semaine dans des conditions très agréable. j'aime faire partager ce monde inconnu du grand publique, mais tellement important pour la planète. Vous pouvez me retrouver sur Facebook et Insta sur la page D'Klicphoto By Didier PASQUINI ReunionReunion
Chansoo OhI’m Chansoo from South Korea. I’m newbie uw photographer. Good dive. Good photo.Korea, Republic ofKorea, Republic of
Erik BeahrsI'm Erik from UCSB, and I like to show y'all some photos from Monterey and the Santa Barbara Channel!United StatesUnited States
Min seok JeonI an korean diverKorea, Republic ofKorea, Republic of
Carolyn BellamyI am Carolyn, I call Australia home but I live on a 15m sailing boat with my husband, we have been travelling for 7 years. I began underwater photography soon after I learned to dive 15 years ago. I have recently upgraded to an Olympus EPL10 in AOI housing with two strobes to try and improve my photography. We mostly dive independently but occasionally take trips. I would really appreciate comments on how to improve as I am here to learn. Thank youAustraliaAustralia
Chu man wahi come from HONG KONG ,stare diving in 2019 , Use olympus EM-1 MKii , take photo in hong kong is not easy, became every time water look like is green color and 1m can see, Hong KongHong Kong
Roberto MicucciI’m based in Sydney Australia and have always loved the ocean since I was a boy. I always felt comfortable under the waves and driven with a strong senses of curiosity with what lies within. Over the past few years I started to share my experiences with my family and friends through my photography with great excitement. This gave birth to Scuba Berto underwater photography and now I want to share it with you.My Website
Chung Jin MacAn avid scuba diver and UW photographer from Malaysia. Love the marine world and hope to spread the word of the underworld beauty through images. Do visit my insta profile - nexgendiver for more UW contentMalaysiaMalaysia
Jantina ScheltemaI am Jantina from the Netherlands. I am an pasionate photographer, both above and underwater.My Website
Jonathan MillerHello. My name is Jon, diving and photography mostly in New England and the Caribbean for now, as well as topside wildlife. I'm newer to photography and especially underwater photography so my skills and setup are still developing. I use a Sony A7R IV with mostly Canon 8-15mm Fisheye and an Ikelite housing, as well as dual Ikelite DS51 strobes.United StatesUnited States
Sandra AgustinaI'm Sandra from Indonesia. Beginner in underwater photography, main interest in little creatures. Olympus TG-5 userIndonesiaIndonesia
Julia KimI'm Julia from South Korea, who is passionate about exploring the charms underwater, especailly the awe, comfort, and vastness of Bluewater has always mesmerized myself as a diver.My Website
Korea, Republic ofKorea, Republic of
Arda yavuzdoganI'm Arda i currently live in Turkey, i have been taking photos for about 5 years but i have been diving for same amount and cant leave it anymore.TurkeyTurkey
1809 Entries Found: Page 1  of  91