About UnderwaterPhotography.com

Our Motto: Equipment + Knowledge = Underwater Photography

Our Mission: To help underwater photographers across the globe to fulfill their potential

To achieve our mission statement we take budding underwater photographers from newbie to pro by providing the advice on the equipment and knowledge how to use it (in our photo courses). We encourage new talent to come through (via our photo contest) with a little bit of guidance (from the pro’s in our forums and Photo Critique team).

We are by far the largest underwater photo site with a community of 20,000+ members (active members not expired, 2012 figures) and as many unique visitors as the leading scuba diving website. It wasn’t always this way...

Benny Sutton started UnderwaterPhotography.com in 1996. This was a time when the Internet was in its infancy; Google didn’t even exist then! The technology was limited and the site was largely static. In the early days the site consisted of Ben’s images and articles.

For years we were a voice in the wilderness. We still remain unsupported and unaffiliated to be the only independant u/w photo voice on the Net.

As technologies (and Ben’s coding skills) improved the site became more interactive. A database was hooked up and visitors were able to upload their images into the prototype photo contest early in 1998. The site grew exponentially, kick-starting the careers of many (now) famous underwater photographers along the way.

Nowadays we have more info on underwater photography, and more underwater photographs, than anywhere else on the Internet (and that probably means anywhere else, full stop). Benny Sutton says... 'My biggest kick is when someone who bought a camera from us posts his (or her) first picture on our photo contest'

We are proud to have ‘broken’ underwater photography on the Internet. We are flattered by the many sites that have copied us. Underwater photography has room for many views (not just ours) and we relish competition – it keeps us all on our toes. We would be far more worried if we were the only one!

Due to the interactive features we pioneered, we can rightly claim to have been built by the thousands of underwater photographers who have uploaded images to the photo contest, chatted in our forums, and contributed with advice, articles, and support. That includes you too - so join in!

Sep1 2013, Update - UnderwaterPhotography.com was sold and acquired by Tal Mor

About Tal Mor

I am 31 years old, diving since I was 15 and shooting underwater in the last 6 years. I am the Co-Founder of Mozaik Underwater Cameras , one of the leading underwater photography stores in the world.

I am originally a web developer and programmer and specialize in Internet marketing.

When founding Mozaik in 2006 I combined my technical skills with my passion for diving and experience in photography and I am fortunate to say I am doing what I love on a daily basis.

In the past 6 years, I dived in many places: Red Sea, Mediterranean, Florida, Bahamas, Turks and Caicos and others.. I was lucky enough to dive with all the latest equipment, that includes high end compacts, Mirrorless, DSLR's, almost every strobe in the market and many different lenses and accessories.
I helped and advised thousands of underwater photographers from beginners to the most professional ones and am honored to be leading this great community at UnderwaterPhotography.com. I am looking forward to sharing my experience with others while also learning from some of the talented people whose work I now see here everyday..

My primary goal when taking over is to maintain and keep running the wonderful features you've been using in the past few years. My goal thereafter is to improve the site, socialize it, modernize it and grow it to a bigger community with more value to its members and premium features to its Pro members.

Your feedback, suggestions and comments are most welcome.

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