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+ 2021 World Champion - Jose Maria Abad Ortega +

Jose was born in Spain but currently living in the Philippines. He only joined underwaterphotography.com in September and has since excelled in many categories posting incredible photos.
Jose posted 189 entries this year out of which 8 reached the final round of judging. His most notable shots are of Nudibranches but also presented some incredible wide angle shots and super-macro shots of marine life.

Jose Maria Abad Ortega

I am Jose and I was born in Spain but actually, I live in Moalboal Philippines. I'm a very active amateur photographer and diver since 1980. Actually, I am ACUC Instructor, SDI instructor, and 3 stars diver of FEDAS CMAS . In Underwater Photography I started around the year 1992 with film and a Bonica Snapper camera with macro lens , then I switched to The Sea & Sea Motormarine II EX camera with its accessory macro and a flash YS- 60 of the same brand, I have very good memories equipment. Later I was shot With another reflex cameras by film (Nikon F60 and F100 with film Fujifilm Velvia and Provia) and digital reflex cameras(Nikon D70s D200 D300s and D700). Actually, sometimes I use Nikon d700 but also, the more light cameras Olympus System EM1 Mark2, Panasonic GX1 and the very small compact camera Olympus TG6 with different models of Inon , Sea Sea and Seafrogs strobes. Housing Nauticam. I like especially macro shots and I always try to capture the subject is alive.

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  Turtle Panagsama beach Moalboal Cebu
  Goniobranchus coi
  Yellow Frog fish
  Lion fish portraidOlympus EM1 MarkII Olympus 60 mms macro Inon S2000X2 F11 S250
  Hymenocera picta Harlequin shrimpPanasonic GX1 60 mms macro
  Sardines school Panagsama Moalboal

Final Round Entries

These are the entries that reached the final round of judging

  Barredfin moray Gymnothorax zonipectis Barred-fin Barred fin
  Longhorn cowfish portraid Lactoria cornuta Lembeh strait 2004Fujifilm Provia 100ASA Nikon F60 Nikkor 105 macro Kenko 1.4X Subtronic Alpha Pro F22 1125scanned Minolta film scan 14X 4X 1/125 1125 125
  Xray Shrimp Bangka Island North SulawesiI dont know exactly species X-ray ray :-) :)
  Vir philippinensis
  Scorpion fish face
  Turtle down sun
  Flabellina affinis
  Chromodoris willani nudibranchTongo point Moalboal

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