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+ 2022 World Champion - Glenn Ian Villanueva +

Glenn posted consistent incredible shots to the competition throughout the year. Its amazing to see how in a matter of a few years he upgraded cameras and became a top-notch underwater photographer. We are prod to have him as our world champion.

Who is Glenn?
I was born and raised in Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental, Philippines.
I am a certified public accountant (CPA) by profession, working as a tax consultant in one of the auditing firms in the Business District of Makati City, Philippines. Currently a PADI Dive Master and a PADI certified underwater photographer,
I started scuba diving back in 2015 and got immersed into it when underwater photography was introduced to me by my instructor sometime in 2016.
Diving is miles apart from my profession but it is exactly what I need to survive in the corporate jungle. The warm and sometimes cold water as you descend underwater offers the perfect environment for the busy mind to cool down, to relax and be creative. Finding a nudibranch sitting on a rock becomes a blank canvass for the mind to explore possibilities with.

I regularly dive in Anilao, Batangas and started with Olympus TG4 with handheld torch mostly doing macro shots. As simple as this set-up was, it gave me an understanding of light, how it affected the photos I took as I played around with the camera. As I progressed, I started shooting with Sony A7R (in Nauticam Housing) or Sony A6300 (in Fantasea housing) with my trusty Inon Strobes, Backscatter Miniflash and RGBlue to illuminate the subject surroundings.

I love the underwater world, I dream of doing this full-time one day.

Glenn Ian Villanueva

I'm Glenn from the Philippines. I regularly dive in Anilao, Batangas which is famous for diverse tiny critters. I shoot with Sony A7R in Nauticam housing. Obviously, I love shooting macro.

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  This photo nembrotha nudibranch feeding softcorals. Taken Mainit point Anilao Batangas softcorals
  This photo cryptic shrimp trying disguise himself soft coral. Taken Anilao Batangas coral
  This photo Nembrotha nudibranch Emperor shrimp riding its back. Spotted Secret Bay Anilao Batangas. back Batangas
  This photo nudibranch fondly called rodman Philippines because its resemblance color style Rodmans hair NBA player
  This photo frogfish hanging hard coral
  This photo whipcoral shrimp its natural habitat. Taken Puerto Galera Philippines. habitat Philippines

Final Round Entries

These are the entries that reached the final round of judging

  This photo fish jellyfish hiding predators. Taken Anilao Philippines during one our blackwater dives. predators dives
  This photo yellow goby Gobiodon Okinawae found inside beer bottle. Taken Anilao Philippines. bottle Philippines
  This photo nudibranch Trinchisea Yamasui. Taken Anilao Philippines. Yamasui Philippines
  This photo Moray Eel trying play my camera. was quite challenging getting good distance photographing fella he seems want be closer lens. Taken Puerto Galera Philippines. camera lens Philippines
  This photo yellow sea horse Hippocampus Kuda nudibranch its head. was taking when suddenly nudi decided time hitch ride abandoning artificial reef above head
  This photo feeding pregnant seapen crab. Taken Anilao Batangas Philippines crab
  This pinkeyed goby usually hovers above finger corals sometimes rests it. They have beautiful pinkish reddish eyes makes them very photograph tiny are. Taken Anilao Batangas. pink-eyed pink eyed it pinkish/ are Batangas

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