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Underwater Photo Contest | Wide Angle - Wrecks

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anything man-made that is sunk including cars, tanks, planes etc. - oh and ships!
This Russian T34 tank was created as a diving attraction to relieve pressure on the surrounding dive sites. In addition, the tank in the picture can no longer cause any damage or suffering, but it is a great photo opportunity.
Diver at the Giannis D wreck at Red Sea.
Mine diving in Nuttlar Germany
MURENE LEOPARD - Gymnothorax favagineus
Mauritius 2023
Giannis D with a solitary diver.
The picture was taken in Mauritius during a wreck dive. I saw this fish peacefully lying on the side of the wreck and seem to be admiring the view. This scene was so pure and relaxing.
Wide angle with model shot taken on the Liberty wreck in Tulambenm, Bali. Parts of the wreck are full of corals and really colorful.
The Liberty wreck on Bali, one of the most famous wrecks in the world. Easy to access from shore. Very colorfull.
alma's propeller
kt Mawar
Mauritius 2023
Trabi , der See im Berg
Trabi , der See im Berg
Rapid Bay (leafy Sea Dragon) South Australia has a derelict ship loading jetty. The size and height of the pylons provide a dark marine forest environment.
KT MAWAR - mauritius 2022
Ugo Bassi wreck, lying at 90 meters depth in Sardinia.
It was a cargo steamship that while navigating from Civitavecchia destination Cagliari, was spotted and attacked by the British submarine Severn and after getting torpedoed sank the 28-JUN-41.
Silhouette of one of two propellers on the Henry Daryaw, upside down in the St Lawrence River
Under the Daryaw- a wreck that is upside down in the St. Lawrence River
Diver in an old slatemine in Belgium
Parapriacanthus ransonneti (glassfish) making a ball arou... by E&e Lp
by: E&e Lp
Parapriacanthus ransonneti (glassfish) making a ball around Pterois volitans (common lionfish) inside the Chrisoula K, staying just out of its reach in constant movement, hoping to confuse the predator. (f/8, 1/40, ISO-100, 23mm, WFL02). - Erik
Grete Hemsoth wreck laying in the Baltic Sea near Denmark.
Here you see the Helm with Compass.
See more in the book:
Legends Beneath the Waves: Scandinavia.
Dansk vrag dykning, Skibsvrag, Østersøen.
Wreck of the Rhone
The bow of the wreck Margarethe Cords laying in the Baltic sea near Bornholm, Denmark.
See more in the book:
Legends Beneath the Waves: Scandinavia
Dansk vrag dykning, Skibsvrag, Østersøen.
On the 'Mgla' wreck
Inside the Hilma Hooker on Bonaire.
Hilma Hooker on Bonaire. A nice wreck for every diver.
Wreck in the Red sea near the Fury Shoals.
Santa Maria wreck
3581 Entries Found: Page 1  of  133