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My place ... !

Malabar Grouper - Epinephelus malabaricus

Sail Rock, Thailand
By Stefan Follows
posted (5 days ago)
12 votes

My eyes on you..
By Mehmet Salih Bilal
posted (5 days ago)
9 votes

Dolphin show on the way back in.
By John Loving
posted (5 days ago)
8 votes

Passenger Shipwreck
By Caner Candemir
posted (5 days ago)
7 votes

The Guardian!!!
By George Touliatos
posted (4 days ago)
7 votes

In the spot light!!!
By George Touliatos
posted (6 days ago)
6 votes

Motherlode ...

Malabar Grouper - Epinephelus malabaricus

Sail Rock, Thailand
By Stefan Follows
posted (4 days ago)
6 votes

Cenote Angelita, 30 meters depth, on a layer of hydrogen sulphide.
By Sevil Gurel Peker
posted (4 days ago)
6 votes

There was something that caught this Great Whites attention. Beautiful sharks!!!!!
Guadalupe Island - Mexico
By Steven Anderson
posted (4 days ago)
6 votes

Cratena peregrina
By Deniz Muzaffer Gökmen
posted (2 days ago)
6 votes
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The rules are simple..
  • The judges' decision is final
  • You can submit as many images as you like in any (single) category but only one entry per day
  • The images can be used by the organizers royalty free to promote the competition or this website. This includes press releases to magazines who can also publish royalty free but only in the context of an article specifically about the contest and with full credit to the photographer. Likewise, we have royalty free use throughout this website and for any publication that this website may produce. The images will not be sold on to any third party for any commercial use without the photographer's express written permission.
  • All images must be your copyright and model release obtained (if appropriate) 
  • No contact details, e-mail addresses, HTML tags, or URL links in the description text.
  • Any entrant either found guilty (or suspected) of spamming votes will have their votes publicly marked down.
  • Entries are automatically in both monthly and annual contests.
  • No 'lookalikes' i.e. images so similar to your own previous entries they are indistinguishable.
  • The subject must be suitable for a family site and non-controversial
  • uploading an image is deemed to be acceptance of these rules.

Conservation Rules

Marine animals should never be stressed or endangered for the sake of a photo. Entries will first be screened by our moderators. Entries exhibiting the following behavior will be placed out of contest.

  1. Divers visibly damaging the environment e.g. gear dragging or kicking up sand
  2. Animals with signs of stress (e.g. puffed puffers, inking octopus, animals in nets, cages or hooked on a line)
  3. Animals moved to an unnatural environment or risky location. It's hard for us to tell, so impossible to police this one. Just think before you next flick a nudi into mid-water for a shot - are you sure you're not hurting it?
  4. Animals being fed artificial food from divers No feeding fish spray cheese or feeding boiled eggs to Humphead Wrasse etc.
  5. Delicate marine life being touched (e.g. coral polyps, seahorse tails). Marine life interaction has been (and always will be) good u/w photo subject matter but only when the marine life is not endangered e.g. holding a turtle. On the other hand, touching big critters like dolphins is usually fine - they can escape a diver easily.
  6. Marine Aquaria Wildlife belongs in the wild, not zoos! This includes dolphins in sea-pens.

These are the Conservation Rules of EPIC. http://www.epicphotocontest.org/rules_regulations.htm

If any of the above is not acceptable, do not enter