Underwater Photoshop
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Underwater Photoshop

Underwater Photoshop

Hi, and welcome to Underwater Photoshop.

This is the course is aimed specifically at underwater photographers and the problems that they use Photoshop to solve.

We’re bringing the same no-nonsense approach to learning Underwater Photoshop as we did to our popular u/w photo course.

geat advice! Photoshop is only part of the process for underwater photography. You’ll also learn about digital workflowthe process from taking your digital images downloading them onto a computer and color managing them through to printing and archiving them and image management. We cover the other important programs in Adobe Creative Suite including Adobe BridgeAdobe’s file browser that ships with Photoshop and Adobe Camera Rawa program in Adobe creative Suite for editing RAW files. You will end up with a complete understanding of the whole life cycle required to optimize your digital u/w images for presentation.

Begin exploring here with FREE video tutorials on fixing backscatter

underwater Photoshop

quoteI've done the UnderwaterPhotography.com photo course too. Together they are best investment I ever made to improve my photosquote
Ted Walls, PADI instructor
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Psssst! Have you seen our U/W Photo course yet? It's the best course to learn underwater photography the easy way online.