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ACR Basic Panel

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trade secrets! Things the pro's don't want you to know! The great thing about Adobe Camera Raw is that you can open any valid image file format and use the interface to adjust it. A considerable amount of work gone into this interface and I would suggest that this is as a great way to make adjustments to your files.

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On the ACRAdobe Camera Raw (a program in Adobe creative Suite for editing RAW files) basic panel…

The sliders at the top of the basic panel for temperature and tint correct for color cast. So does the white balance drop-down but this is a fairly blunt instrument.

geat advice! Another alternative is to use the white balance eyedropperA tool to sample color (on the toolbar) and click on a point which should be or is known to be white and this should correct the whole image to that particular white pointThe point of minimum density i.e. Dmin in traditional photoprocessing parlance. . This is one of my favor ite quick and dirty methods for correcting color temperature shifts.

geat advice! It is not a bad strategy to have exposure perhaps a little over and

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