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Underwater Photoshop

The traditional photographic filter is placed in front of the camera lens in order to create an effect. You can still do this of course, however, for underwater photographers this is less of an option if you have a housed camera because the filter is stuck on your lens for the entire dive.

Digital filters are a much more convenient way to achieve the same results. This is a fantastic step forward for the underwater photographer, especially when the effects of filters underwater very with depth, whereas digital filters can be adjusted in strength effortlessly.

geat advice! It has to be said, for the underwater photographer; by and large effects filters do not work. In a visual sense, we expect to see in a natural environment. There are some exceptions to this rule and here are a few examples.

Smart Filters

You can apply any digital filter to all of the pixels in your image, however, this is not the ‘smart way’ to do it. You should always apply a filter non-destructively rather than lose the original pixels forever. To do this you use smart filters.

This feature is only available in CS3 and later (and is another good reason for upgrading if you have an older version of Photoshop).

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