The Options Bar
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The Options Bar

Underwater Photoshop

The options bar gives you context sensitive commands. In other words it will show you the commands for a particular tool or setting that you have active.

Most tools have options that are displayed in the tool options bar. The options bar changes as different tools are selected. Some settings in the options bar are common to several tools (such as painting modes and opacity), and some are specific to one tool (such as the Auto Erase setting for the pencil tool).

You can move the options bar anywhere in the work area, and dock it at the top or bottom of the screen.

To display the tool options bar: Choose Window next command to follow Options.

The Blur Tool

Zoom Tool

Crop Tool

Dodge Tool

Eraser Tool

Eyedropper Tool

Hand Tool

Healing Tool

History Tool

Magic Wand Tool

Marquee Tool

Paintbucket Tool

Path Selection Tool

Pen Tool

Pointer Tool

Polygon Tool

Stamp Tool

Text Tool

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