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Underwater Photoshop

The main problem with Photoshop is that there is too much of it!

Photoshop is a professional tool with a huge learning curve.

I don’t know who counted them, but apparently there are over 6,000 tools and commands in CS2, 8,000 in CS3, and 11,000 in CS4!

This course shows you only the tools you need to know and only the only commands you’ll ever use - and targeted to underwater photographers.

The ‘need to know’ Approach

You could probably find all the (non u/w) information in this course on the web for free - so why pay for it?

Yes, there is a lot of info out there in the public domain but it is not organized. Sifting through the sheer volume is not an option! It would take years and, even if you did, you would not understand how it all fits together, or how much weight to give to the twenty ways Photoshop provides to do any simple task!

I’ve done that for you so you don’t have to!

We examine strategy, not just endless 'How-To’s. I’ll explain why you use a technique – and in plain language, not jargon.

Save time, and money

As an underwater photographer you just want to get the job done too, and in the minimum time possible. You want to remove backscatterBackscatter is light reflected from suspended particles in the water a problem in underwater flash photography caused by having the flash too close to the camera lens., correct blue-water color etc.

Time is money so you want to do it quickly, not disappear down the ‘time tunnel’ that your computer can suck you into!

This course ‘joins the dots’ to emphasize the must-know, essential skills only and ignores the many weird, wonderful, and often wacky features you’ll only use once in a lifetime.

I promise never to say ‘how cool is that’ during the course. If I do, shoot me!

So, to save money, and to make money, subscribe to this course!

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