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Digital Printing

Underwater Photoshop

tricks of the trade! For home printing you should always stick to the manufacturer’s inks and you should do a nozzle check to make sure that the ink is being laid down evenly before every print run. You will find how to do this in your printer drivers utility.

The next step is to print out a step wedge. Be sure to not try to color manage the file you are printing. I suggest that you find yourself a good profile service provider who will supply you with these step wedges.

When printing step wedges you do not want the printer to make any decisions for you Select Edit next command to follow Print to open the print dialog. Make sure that you print in 100% size and under color management select ‘no color handling’.

When you then select print from the Photoshop menu you will be presented with your printers print dialog. You need to select the media type i.e. the paper surface that you are using, of course your profile will only be valid for that one paper surface. Select the highest quality setting that you have. If you have a plus

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