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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Landlocked Seas/Lakes

844 Entries Found: Page 1  of  32
Mine Felicitas Germany
Diver in the Mine Felicitas in Germany
Tec Diver in a German Lake
Mine diving in Nuttlar Germany
School of bass in a boat wreck
Divers in Attersee (Austria) under a jetty
River diving in a mountain river in Austria that promises top safety conditions when the weather is optimal
This diver found a Barbie-doll under water. Once it was an example and idol for young girls, now it was just waste and tranciense. The sun was low and this gives a nice spooky realm of this headless doll
Canyon divers in Italy
Pike in Weissensee
End of the dive
Mine dive in nuttlar
Mine dive in belgium
Diving in Miltitz mine germany
Mine diver in Germany
Slate Mine Nuttlar in Germany
Diver in The Mine Miltitz
Trabi , der See im Berg
Trabi , der See im Berg
Diver in a belgium mine
Miltitz Mine in Germany
Diver in the Miltitz Mine | Germany
Dive in the slatemine Nuttlar
Diver laying jump in Nuttlar
Cave El Brinco in the Bay of Pigs in Cuba. I had the chance to do a cave dive here. It was quite hard to find a guide to bring us to this cave, but it was a nice adventure.
Diver on the way back in the slate mine nuttlar in Germany
844 Entries Found: Page 1  of  32

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