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Underwater Photo Contest | Freshwater

3961 Entries Found: Page 1  of  147
shots taken bodies of water with no salt e.g. in lakes, streams, pools, rivers i.e NOT the Sea!
Zander in the Netherlands
A nice pike in the Netherlands.
Lily and the same mirrored lily in a small lake in the Netherlands The pictures is taken 100% under water, but at only 10 cm depth.
Verzasca River
Beautiful formations of submerged caves
in the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico_2021
Flooded Slatemine in Germany.
Driftdiving in the river
Diving in the Verzasca River
Diving in Lago Sassolo. Very cold and over 2000m height.
Verzasca River
Cavernzone of the Cunhac cave in the Lot river. Only a few weeks a year good viz.
Entrance of a cave in the Cele river in France.
Divespot "Posse", Valle Verzasca
Diving in the River Verzasca. Switzerland
Gola del Lupo, River "Maggia"
Famous Bridge Ponte dei Salti over the Verzasca River in Switzerland.
"Washing machine" at the beginning of the divespot Misura. River Verzasca.
Driftdiving in a river
Behind the waterfall in the river
A couple of red eye damselflies is putting eggs under water.
Wheels of fortune
Red eyed damselflies. A very rare moment, the damselflies are putting their eggs under water. Normally only the female is doing it, but this time also the male was under water. The silver color is due to air that is trapped on the body of the damsels
Pike meets human. Taken in the Netherlands.
Pike in action!
Selfie with my favorite pike
Cute Silurus glanis
Selfie with a beautiful pike
3961 Entries Found: Page 1  of  147