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Loïc DurandI'm Loïc from St-Barth's, Caribbean. I've started U/W photography 12 years ago, when I was 14. I have been diving with the same camera all these years: an Olympus C-60 Zoom, 6,1MP with its Olympus PT-024 casing. I do not scuba, all my photos are from snorkelling.FranceFrance
Erik RådströmI´m a rebreather diver from Sweden that loves wrecks. Started taking photos 5-6 years ago.SwedenSweden
Jayme KegelI am Jayme from Canada, I started diving when I was 15, but first bought a camera in St Maarten and just fell in love!! I have become nearly obsessed with keeping a photographic record of all the creatures I see underwater, and over time some actually are starting to look good!CanadaCanada
Michal KubíkHi, my name is Michal Kubík. I love underwater world.My Website
Czech RepublicCzech Republic
kazım elginI started underwaterphotography in 2013. My first camera was a Canon G12 with Canon housing & Sea&Sea strobes, and now I'm using Canon 700D camera with a Sea&Sea system. I usually dive in Istanbul / TurkeyTurkeyTurkey
Vania KamD7000, Nauticam Housing, 60mm, 105mm, 10-17mm, 10-24mm, SMC, Z240 x 2My Website
Hong KongHong Kong
Yulianti Santosoi'm Yuli from Indonesia. i'm still learning in this area i hope you like the picture that i take. I dive with Canon G16. Thank you for your voteIndonesiaIndonesia
Roar SaethreFormer musican & computer tech, now I'm running a small hotel together with my wife while waiting for retirement... We both started diving in 2010, and love underwater photography.NorwayNorway
Peter StenbergMy name is Peter and I'm an underwater photographer and diver from Sweden, currently living in Norway. I've been photographing for about four years now and I'm still learning and growing every day! =)My Website
Jim MachinchickI have been passionate about the oceans for my entire life. Recently started shooting DSLR in April of 2014 and am looking for continuous improvement. My favorite subjects are hands down sharks, and if my pictures can create awareness to just one person about conservation, that's all that matters!United StatesUnited States
Roxana McLennanUnderwater photographer based in Townsville, Australia. Canon G15 Camera | Fantasea Housing | Two YS-D1 StrobesMy Website
Francis POLLAKWhen I was a child, I used to watch with amazement television documentaries of Jacques Cousteau. This fascination with the underwater world naturally lead me to make my first dives when I was just 15 years old. I was immediately fascinated by the beauty and incredible diversity of fauna and flora. Very quickly, I felt like fixing these images on film to be able to share them with my family and friends back to the surface. My first camera, a Nikonos III was completely manual: It was necessary to set distance, aperture, shutter speed, flash power, and all this before the subject decided to go elsewhere ... On a roll 36, I felt pretty happy, when 10 shots were successful. Technology has advanced, but not this ratio ... We must bring together a large number of parameters to make a proper image. I hope you enjoy the ones I show you here ...My Website
Athanassios LazaridesHi, I grew up on the mediterranean island of Cyprus and I have been diving since 1977. Currently I live and work in Norway. During winter I dive and photograph the scandinavian waters while during the summer I am diving in the Mediterranean.NorwayNorway
Leslie HowellI'm Leslie from Illinois. I prefer warm water with colorful subjects to shoot. I finally upgraded to a DSLR camera and I'm only sorry that I waited so long. Shout out to Marco Fierli at Wakatobi - who is a talented photographer and instructor!!!United StatesUnited States
Herbert SchmitzHi I'm Herbie Started diving 1993 my first camera unterwater was a Nikonos V At the moment I'm using a Nikon D800 in BS Kinetics Housing with a Nauticam Viewfinder and a Nauticam Vacuum System .GermanyGermany
Murat KAPTANI am from Turkey I started underwaterphotography in 2008. My first camera was a Canon 550 D with Sea&Sea housing & strobes, and now I'm using Canon Mark 2 camera with a Sea&Sea system.My Website
Adeline WeeI'm Adeline living in Grand Cayman. I love shooting underwater and am always learning and updating my skills. My main love is for macro although I do shoot wide angle occasionally.Cayman islandsCayman islands
Carsten KalkmanThey call me Seamonkey, Been teaching Scuba diving fo about two decades, just now starting to take a camera with me to try to share some of those magical underwater moments with non divers. Simple "point and shoot" set-up. Sometime I use a hand-held flashlight for lighting.United StatesUnited States
Armin RuganiI am Armin from Austria, living in Graz. I love diving and am a passionate photographer.AustriaAustria
Kyle CastelynI am Kyle I have always love photography and has been working a a PADI instructor for a year now and invested in a underwater set up beginning 2015 and just love the U/W world aSouth AfricaSouth Africa
1750 Entries Found: Page 11  of  88