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Hypselodoris apolegma
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Nordhausen   Sundh user See   Germany
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Look at my amazing coloured coat
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The Cleaning Station
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Mourgona sp.
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Mexican Goby_El Morro_P.Vallarta_2021
 Canon 100mm t1/250 f/13 iso160
By Antonio Venturelli
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Underwater Photo Location: Doc Paulson wreck

Underwater Photo Location: Doc Paulson wreck

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Wonderful small wreck, full of life and worthy of two or three dives during a stay on Grand Cayman.
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by Patricia Sinclair
From the Wreck of the Doc Paulson - just forward of the wheelhouse I found these beautiful sea fans.

by Patricia Sinclair
On top of the wheelhouse of the Doc Paulson wreck was a grouping of sponges that I found beautiful.

by Patricia Sinclair
another shot of my model, Jim C. on the Doc Paulson wreck. Growth on this wreck is amazing

by Chase Darnell
"Stand Strong" A Gaudy Clown Crab claims his sponge and stands his ground.

by Susannah H. Snowden-Smith
"Inside Looking Out" Doc Polson shipwreck, Grand Cayman I purposely used my fisheye lens with an extension ring on the dome for forced vingetting.

by Susannah H. Snowden-Smith
Wreck of the Doc Polson. If you look closely, you can see divers exploring the wreck.

by Susannah H. Snowden-Smith
"Colorful Frame" The wreck of the Doc Polson provides a colorful frame to view the dive boat above.

by Dusty Norman
"Slug Train" These Leech Headshield Slugs were playing a nice game of follow the leader.

by Patricia Sinclair
The Final Frontier Wreck of the Doc Poulson, growth forward of the wheel house.
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