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Underwater Photo Location: Longbeach, Simon's Town

Underwater Photo Location: Longbeach, Simon's Town

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A nice shallow dive site in Simon's Town with some very interesting critters if you dive slowly and look carefully
Facts about Longbeach, Simon's Town
  • It is in South Africa
  • Longbeach, Simon's Town is in the Atlantic (South).
  • The typical depth is 0-10 Metres 0-30 Feet.
  • The typical visibility is 3-10 Metres 10-30 Feet.
Dive types

Marine Life

Photo facilities

by Kate Jonker
Common Octopus

by Kate Jonker
A four-coloured nudibranch photographed at Long Beach in Simon's Town. Canon 7dmkii, 60mm macro lense, snooted YS-D1 strobe.

by Kerri Keet
Close up shot of a pipefish with my new inon macro lenses. Not an easy shot to get as they move around quite a bit.

by Kate Jonker
Gold Fish This super klipfish was very inquisitive about my snoot and spent a lot of time following me around the dive site. Canon 7dmkii, Canon 60mm macro lense, Retra LSD

by Kerri Keet
Macro shot of a fan worm, a unique kind of worm that lives within a tube and extends their feathery tentacles to filter feed. They are quite skittish and withdraw their tentacles when they sense your presence.

by Kerri Keet
Portrait shot of a four colour nudibranch, Canon 70d with 60mm macro

by Kerri Keet
Is it safe to come out? Goby hides in a broken off kelp frond while pipefish keeps a look out.

by Kerri Keet
Diver exploring an old wreck of a barge just off one of our beaches

by Kerri Keet
Beautiful temperate water garden surrounding an old barge wreck

by Kerri Keet
The first time underwater fluorescence has been investigated and documented in South Africa - specifically the unique waters of Cape Town. I was very excited to see if we had any fluorescence in temperate waters as it is well known to occur in tropic

by Kerri Keet
All divers who have done a night dive in Cape Town will be familiar with the swarms of beaked sandfish, which hide in the sand during the day, but as soon as its full dark, they come out to feed by the hundreds. W

by Kerri Keet
Celebrating Jellyfish Day with this photo taken in Simon's Town, Cape Town earlier this year.

by Kerri Keet
Beautifully fluorescent anemone

by Matthew Botha
Crowned Nudibranch on Pink Seaweed

by Matthew Botha
I had to test my new camera out, and I loved the results of a little bit of underwater selfies
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