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Pike skin reflection
By Sander Rietmeijer
posted 14:43 CST Today (7 hours ago)
By Sergiy Glushchenko
posted 04:55 CST Today (17 hours ago)
Turtle rest on the table reef and pose for the photo.
By Jose Maria Abad Ortega
posted 00:08 CST Today (21 hours ago)
Seascape at Talisay point
By Jose Maria Abad Ortega
posted 00:08 CST Today (21 hours ago)
Wreck Salem Express. Mast.
By Oxana Kamenskaya
posted Yesterday
White sturgeon  Acipenser transmontanus 
Taken in Jackdaw Quarry  UK.
By Gary Carpenter
posted Yesterday

Underwater Photo Location: -

Underwater Photo Location: -

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Facts about -
  • It is in Indonesia
  • - is in the Bali Sea.
  • The typical depth is 0-20 Metres 0-60 Feet.
  • The typical visibility is 0-3 Metres 0-10 Feet.

by Ma Lin

by Irwin Ang
B L A C K & Y E L L O W 
Nudibranch (Costasiella sp.4)
 East Lombok, Indonesia. - A.T.G 2300 Video Light attached glass optic snoot courtesy of 
FunDive UW Photo Equipment / 樂潛水中攝影器材

by Tony Ho
This is the light that has been trying to catch on the ocean floor.

by Steve Taylor
Lion fish portrait

by Charles Rawlings
Ovulid face on a soft coral bush taken in a one knot current at approximately 80 feet.

by Charles Rawlings
Recently rediscovered Psychedelic Frogfish. A pair discovered under a coral head at 30 feet.

by Leena Roy
Having a rest

by Leena Roy
Say aaaah

by Anna Ewa Manzel
Actually on this small green branch there were 4 nudies from the same type. But I guess this is the best photo from this encounter.

by Jill Smith
The eye of a flathead crocodilefish. I felt, rather than saw his departure right after I snapped this shot; his eyelashes are just gorgeous!

by Leena Roy
Under the pier

by Marco Caraceni
Policheti e platelminti

by James Deverich
Crocodile fish eye no crop

by Debbie Marks
This was my first encounter with a blue ring octopus and was just as amazing as I expected

by Massimo Giorgetta
Arlequin shrimp in double exposure in camera
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