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Hermit crab spotted on a yellow sponge coral in Croatia.
Only when I looked at it later did I notice the animal s blue eyes...
By Martin Schrack
posted 13:56 CST Today (10 hours ago)
True Love
By Alison Ranheim
posted 13:26 CST Today (10 hours ago)
By Sigitas Sirvydas
posted 09:29 CST Today (14 hours ago)
nemo points
By Marc Van Den Broeck
posted 05:32 CST Today (18 hours ago)
Cratena stand up_2022
 Canon100  1/200 f25 iso400
By Antonio Venturelli
posted 04:43 CST Today (19 hours ago)
Harlequin Shrimp
By Jeffrey Lim
posted 04:31 CST Today (19 hours ago)

Underwater Photo Location: Blue Heron Bridge, Palm Beach, FL

Underwater Photo Location: Blue Heron Bridge, Palm Beach, FL

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This is a wonderful dive for aquatic life sightings. This is a SHALLOW dive and must be dove with the tides. Here you will find an array of fishes, rays, horseshoe crab, other crab species incl. arrow crab, LARGE cushion stars, and many other interesting finds. There are 3 small wrecks that I know of. You will park at the Phil Foster park - which is nice, they have bathrooms and showers. There is a shower next to the play ground, directly out from that shower you will find the first wreck, approx. a 30 - 35' cabin cruiser, straight on out further from it you will find an approx. 30 - 35' sail boat. There is another wreck to your left, but I haven't dove it yet. The wrecks are teaming with life and a pleasure to take pics. Please do use caution as this is in a boating area and on an inter coastal waterway. ENJOY!
Facts about Blue Heron Bridge, Palm Beach, FL
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Dive types

Marine Life

by Amanda George
Diving the pilings of the Blue Heron Bridge, I came across this gorgeous star just "hanging around" - couldn't help but grab his image! Using a Stylus 700 in housing, no strobes, nothing special.

by Theresa Tracy
Lined Seahorse found at the Blue Heron Bridge in Palm Beach, Florida.

by Jonathan Romanov
This photo is called "CALM BUOY "

by Jonathan Romanov
lined Seahorse

by Theresa Tracy
Lined Seahorse found at Blue Heron Bridge in Palm Beach, Florida.

by Jonathan Romanov
Corals @ Blue Heron Bridge

by Jonathan Romanov
Funny Arrow Crabs Shot with Canon 20d with 50mm macro lens and layered with Photoshop 7.0

by Theresa Tracy
Lined seahorse at the Blue Heron Bridge in Palm Beach, Florida.

by Theresa Tracy
Baby octopus who was on the hunt for crabs running back and forth for an hour oblivious to me.. he was about 3 inches big.

by Jeri Curley
This octopus posed for several shots at Blue Heron Bridge in Riviera Beach, Florida. The photo was taken with an Olympus Evolt E-300 and Inon Z240 strobe.

by Jeri Curley
"I Heart Seahorses" At the end of a typical dive at Blue Heron Bridge, I noticed someone taking a lot of pictures. I hung around until he was done. He pointed out what he'd been shooting. This photo was shot with an Olympus E-300 with Inon strobe

by Jeri Curley
This stripped burrfish posed for his portrait at Blue Heron Bridge, Riviera Beach Florida. Photo was taken with 50 mm macro with 1.4 extender and Inon Strobe.

by Amanda George
My very first wreck pic. Very shallow small vessel wreck. Completely natural light from topside and no filters - no anything..... Olympus Stylus 700 with housing. Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed taking it.

by Michael Kovach
Horseshoe crab under the Blue Heron Bridge in West Palm Beach

by Michael Kovach
Starfish under the Blue Heron Bridge

by Theresa Tracy
Striated Frogfish found at the Blue Heron Bridge in Riviera Beach, Florida.

by Jeri Curley
These juvenile filefish were swimming around a bouy at Blue Heron Bridge in Riviera Beach Florida. One decided that my strobe arm was a good hiding place and he went diving with me for a while.

by Jeri Curley
This striped burrfish was headed straight for me at Blue Heron Bridge. As he got within photo shot of me he turned.

by Jeri Curley
I never knew exactly what a garden eel looked like until these guys let me get within a foot to take a shot. Photo taken at Bluen Heron Bridge, Riviera Beach, Florida.

by Steven Anderson
This image of an Octopus was taken during a morning dive under the Blue Heron Bridge a week ago.

by Theresa Tracy
Lined seahorse at Blue Heron Bridge.

by Theresa Tracy
I never knew starfish could be this beautiful.

by George Ordenes
I shot this Secretary Blenny at Blue Herron Bridge. with a d300 105mm, 2x Kenco teleconverter and a sub see +10 diopter

by George Ordenes
d300 105vr with a +10 diopter subsee

by George Ordenes
105mm 2x teleconverter and +10 dipoter No crop

by George Ordenes
seahorse at Blue Heron Bridge

by George Ordenes
Bubble back d300 105 mm with +10 diopter

by Steven Anderson
This image of a blenny was taken during a dive at The Blue Heron Bridge, great diving , shallow and lots of cool stuff!

by Steven Anderson
"Eye wide open" This Octopus keeps a watchful eye on me and later stuck one arm out to greet me. This image was taken at Blue Heron Bridge - W. Palm Beach - Fla.

by Steven Anderson
This image of a Blenny was taken at the Blue Heron Bridge off West Palm Beach Fla. Great Muck Diving in N. America.

by Joel Sarver
We followed this stargazer around for about 10 would swim away, bury itself, then unbury itself, etc. Canon S90 with Fix Housing and Inon S-2000 Strobes Blue Heron Bridge, Riviera Beach, FL

by Eric Walker
Night Time Reflections

by Suzan Meldonian
Don't bite my head off!

by Suzan Meldonian
La, La, La, Laaaaaaaa Fiiii-garo. Banded Jawfish with new eggs.

by Suzan Meldonian
Little Man. Juvenile cowfish about the size of your thumb.

by Suzan Meldonian
Web Burrfish

by Suzan Meldonian
Blue Throat Pike Blenny Singin' da Blues

by Suzan Meldonian
When suddenly out of the murk...

by Suzan Meldonian
Face of a red tipped Fireworm

by Suzan Meldonian
Striped Burrfish

by Suzan Meldonian
Flounder in 'attraction' phase

by Suzan Meldonian
Red lipped -lip smacking Parrotfish.

by Suzan Meldonian
A baby Octopus explores the human hand.

by Suzan Meldonian
Mini Melo

by Suzan Meldonian
Scorpionfish oepn wide

by Suzan Meldonian
Hundreds of these were in our waters on Friday.

by Suzan Meldonian
Court Jester (Decorator Crab)

by Suzan Meldonian
Jack Knife Fish hollaring.

by Suzan Meldonian
Happy Crab Eating . . .crab legs?

by Suzan Meldonian
Exquisite torture.

by Suzan Meldonian
Hairy Blenny

by Suzan Meldonian
Sailfin Blenny Showing off for a mate

by Suzan Meldonian
Caribbean Reef Octopus

by Suzan Meldonian
A Male Dragonet rattles his tail and fanning his fins to win the heart of a nearby female.

by Suzan Meldonian
Stealth Stinger !

by Suzan Meldonian
Blue Throat Pike Blenny, in love . . .with himself. He'd set up camp near a pocket mirror that must have lodged in the sand. How our discards can effect the balance of nature.

by Suzan Meldonian
Out of the murk ,on a soupy viz, buddies had scattered creepy night dive... a shape charges forth swiftly.

by Suzan Meldonian
Squidlink- rare shot of the electric pulsation -some sort of mating ritual, they turn upside down and that is its syphon-electrically charged.

by Suzan Meldonian
Fairy Basslet

by Suzan Meldonian
Alice in Wonderland or... (a fireworm emerges from the Kingdom of hydroids)

by Suzan Meldonian
The morning stretch (dondice occidentalis)

by Suzan Meldonian
Brown Octopus . . .looks like a costume piece for ... :)

by Suzan Meldonian
...Just happy to be here.... ( Leopard Sea Robin)

by Suzan Meldonian
Band tailed Puffer

by Suzan Meldonian
The Hindenburgh

by Steven Anderson
A Seaweed Blennie watching every move I made peers out of a hole at Blue Heron Bridge - West Palm Beach FL

by Steven Anderson
We passed over several Octopus and I was able to capture a few with my camera while diving at Blue Heron Bridge - West Palm Beach FL

by Steven Anderson
Under the bridge and under the seaweed a Banded Coral Shrimp. This was a difficult shot due to tight quarters under the seaweed and structure that this shrimp was using as a home. Awesome 3 hour dive at Blue Heron Bridge off W. Palm Beach, FL.

by Steven Anderson
Time for a snack, This Arrow Crab takes time out for a snack under the Bridge at Blue Heron. This image was taken during a dive at Blue Heron Bridge - West Palm Beach FL.

by Steven Anderson
Checking all the surroundings, this little Seaweed Blennie darted in and out of it hole in the sponge and terrain of Blue Heron Bridge off West Palm Beach FL

by Steven Anderson
This closeup of a Blenny was taken at Blue Heron Bridge off W.Palm Beach, FL. Awesome diving at lots of critters to photograph

by Suzan Meldonian
Shrimp so close you can see the hairs on his chinny chin chin

by Suzan Meldonian
..Oh, hello . . . would you like a shell?

by Suzan Meldonian

by Suzan Meldonian
Cute little Baby Bobbitt worm. Shot with subsee 10x on 60mm -

by Suzan Meldonian
Cocktails anyone?

by Suzan Meldonian
1st time I've photogrphd a juv. Flabellina-only 1 juvenile in this image, with two rhinophores -on the rt, orange base and white tips, smaller than the cerata. Then two oral tentacles, longer, mostly white with ridges and a bit of clear base.

by Suzan Meldonian
One of the cutest octopus I've had pleasure of meeting.

by Suzan Meldonian
Flying Gurnard. I just love that these guys have little hands, evidence of evolution.. just can't tell if they are preparing to go back to land, or re-indoctrinating to the marine world.

by Suzan Meldonian
Baby Star on Star- who knew? Two weeks ago we saw some Stars spawning.

by Suzan Meldonian
Call of the Wild.....

by Suzan Meldonian
I have become so fascinated with the close up faces of the shrimps.. they have such complicated architecture that I'd never have seen without the subsee.

by Suzan Meldonian
Velcome to my home, vould you like to come in? Odd looking Mantis shrimp in a bottle.

by Suzan Meldonian
She's baaaaack! Don't move a muscle, maybe she won't see me.

by Suzan Meldonian
Lobster Dinner..... :) ok so she's not pretty-but have you ever seen how a lobster eats food? Mouth on the bottom-how bizarre is that??

by Suzan Meldonian

by Suzan Meldonian
Pear of the sea. If you look close, the kiss almost looks like a spider-strange looking jellyfish.

by Suzan Meldonian
A Frilled seahorse who discovered his own reflection in the lens.

by Craig Dietrich
Grumpy / Shot with the Sony NEX5n with the 30mm lens with a Nauticam housing with a Sea & Sea 110A strobe. This photo was taken at our famous Blue Heron Bridge here in south Florida.

by Lisa Kelly
This fish was happy to pose while I practice my macro skills

by Lisa Kelly
This seahorse has places to go and people to see.

by Suzan Meldonian
2 days aaaand counting! Phew! Male Yellowhead jawfish with eggs, Blue Heron Bridge

by Suzan Meldonian
Spike Hippocampus erectus, Blue Heron Bridge, FL

by Eduardo Nadal

by Eduardo Nadal

by Eduardo Nadal
in front of a mirror

by Eduardo Nadal
Go away!!!!

by Eduardo Nadal

by Jan Morton
Life in the Bottle Blenny at Blue Heron Bridge

by Jan Morton
Juvenile High Hat - approx size is 1/2" across full frame no crop

by Robin Bateman
Blue Heron Bridge Octo Eyes

by Robin Bateman
My Space This Spunky guy was not happy I intruded on his territory - he tried to scare me off by charging my port and strobes.

by Eduardo Nadal

by Chris Miskavitch
Urchin up close

by Chris Miskavitch
Barracuda and rope.....
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