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Goniodoridella sp.
By Sofia Tenggrono
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 Wijde mantel   aecuipecten opercularis
By Eduard Bello
posted 05:51 CST Today (1 hour ago)
Mellow Yellow is the dive site s name in Sodwana Bay. True to its name the snappers created again a yellow spectacle
By Peet J Van Eeden
posted 03:49 CST Today (3 hours ago)
Venomous Sea Snake Facts  Hydrophiinae and Laticaudinae
By Hansruedi Wuersten
posted 00:37 CST Today (6 hours ago)
Sea Lions Playing in the Reef Bahia Magdalena  Mexico
By Alejandro Topete
posted Sunday, May 26, 2019
Beautiful Dondice Occidentalis Nudibranch with a pink heart on it s  face   Blue Heron Bridge  Florida
By Pauline Walsh Jacobson
posted Sunday, May 26, 2019

Underwater Photo Location: Sipidan

Underwater Photo Location: Sipidan

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Sipidan and Mabul off the coast of Borneo, Malaysia was one of the best dive locations ever.
Where else can you get the big fish and macro life just 1 island away. When Sipidan had the resorts, you could literally walk out from your beach bungalow to the pristine Celebes Sea and experience white tip and Black tip sharks, loads or huge Hawsbill turtles, Humpheads, Barracuda and nearly every colorful sea life imaginable for a sunset dive.Or take the speed boat 5 minutes to the dive sites where wall dives and reefs and the open blue offer huge sharks, including scalloped hammerheads, nurse and thrasher sharks galore.

Then onto Mabul which is a 15 minute boat ride away, one can see Corocodile fish, large Frog fish in a multitude of colors, Mantis shrimp, ribbon eels, huge Giant Morays,and finally a Pygmy Seahorse that was so hideen in the fan coral that you almost needed a magnifying glass to see it. So beautiful and delicate, its hard to imagine how it ever survives. The list goes on and on.

Truly a Paradise for Divers!!
Facts about Sipidan
  • It is in Malaysia
  • Sipidan is in the Celebes Sea.
  • The typical depth is 0-40 Metres 0-130 Feet.
  • The typical visibility is 30+ Metres 100+ Feet.
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by Michelle Choong_khoo
Black blotched procupinefish protected with really long sharp spines, ambling leisurely along sandy bottom ,Canon G7 no strobe

by Michelle Choong_khoo
luminuous blue beauty amongst white coral branches..G7, no strobe

by Michelle Choong_khoo
Bullocki nudi perched to lay its eggs- truly a "Jewel of the Sea" at Sipadan-Lobster Wall, drift dive using Canon G7, no strobe , shot zoomed.

by Michelle Choong_khoo
2 spotted unicornfish in shallow waters, Si-Amil Island

by Derrick Lim
Chromodoris, under Seaventures house reef. Using Canon G9, Inon single strobe with macro len.

by Derrick Lim
Chromodoris elizabethina, Seaventures House Reef, Canon G9, Inon single strobe with macro len

by Derrick Lim
i! Nudibranch, Seaventure House Reef, Canon G9, Inon single strobe with macro len

by Derrick Lim
Moving forward..... Canon G9, Inon D2000 with macro len

by Miguel Cortés
Turtle flying.

by Tunc Yavuzdogan
Colors of Nature....

by Alberto D'este
Chromodoris Kunei

by Raoul Caprez
Taken in Sipadan with a sony T33.

by Tony Makin
Batfish on top of the reef at Sipadan

by Raoul Caprez
Helloooo !

by Brian Welman
"Thick as Thieves"

by Catherine Marshall
Abandoned dive lodge, Sipadan. Canon 350D.

by James Laker

by Benny Frick
A school of Barracudas in Barracuda point, Sipadan.

by Vincent Hong
Just Chilling!

by Marcello Di Francesco
Sipadan dream

by Steven Withofs
Juvenile cuttlefish hiding in the coral

by Steven Withofs
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