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Pirate under the sea with a Bi colored damsel fish.
By Darius Korin
posted 10:59 CST Today (within the last hour)
 with disco blue pulses of light
By Arya I Gede
posted 05:05 CST Today (5 hours ago)
Taken on Sardinia. Almost invisable with the normal eye.
By Brenda De Vries
posted 05:04 CST Today (5 hours ago)
By Marc Van Den Broeck
posted 03:36 CST Today (7 hours ago)
Gorgonian shrimp
By Julian Hsu
posted 00:45 CST Today (10 hours ago)
Turtle power
By Jeffrey Lim
posted Thursday, August 18, 2022

Underwater Photo Location: Ras Katy

Underwater Photo Location: Ras Katy

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Good place for night diving
Facts about Ras Katy
  • It is in Egypt
  • Ras Katy is in the Red Sea.
  • The typical depth is 0-20 Metres 0-60 Feet.
  • The typical visibility is 10-30 Metres 30-100 Feet.
Dive types

Marine Life

Diving facilities

Photo facilities

by Sergiy Glushchenko
Nights miting

by Cigdem Cooper
Red Sea Walkman

by Vladimir Levantovsky
Taking a closer look. A combination of hard and soft corals was literally overcrowded with different species and provided great colors for a shot. Canon XSi in Ikelite housing with dual DS-125 strobes.

by Vladimir Levantovsky
Lionfish and anthias (hunter and hunted). Taken with Canon XSi and Tokina 10-17mm fisheye in Ikelite housing with dual DS-125 strobes.

by Fatih Sökmen
rise up

by Nick R
Don't know the name of this mollusk. Picture taken at Ras Katy, Sharm El Sheikh

by Luca Bolognesi
Big eye - Bigeye

by Cinzia Bismarck
Nice to meet you! I'm the Hermit Crab! Dardanus lagopodes

by Cinzia Bismarck
What a big teeth!!! Starry Puffer Arothron stellatus No Strobes

by Cinzia Bismarck
"FLYING AWAY" Aetobatus narinari

by Cinzia Bismarck
ROAR!!! Pterois Volitans My first time with a stobe! :)

by Cinzia Bismarck
Lion in B&W

by Cinzia Bismarck
ROAR!!! Original

by Cinzia Bismarck
FLYING AWAY Aetobatus narinari

by Elaine White
Waiting Model Kat Felton

by Cinzia Bismarck
Giant morey @Ras Katy- Sharm El Sheikh- Egypt Gymnothorax javanicus Taken by Ricoh caplio gx100 Sea&Sea ys-02 strobe

by John Parker
Fashion Shoot Ras Katy. Thanks to Model Kat.

by Jose Maria Abad Ortega
Chaetodon semilarvatus Golden Semilarvatus Butterflyfish or Golden Butterflyfish. Take with film fujifilm Provia 100ASA and Nikon F60 with Nikkor 60 mms macro and Subtronic Alpha pro macro strobe F32 1/125

by Jose Maria Abad Ortega
Grey moray or Geometric moray (Gymnothorax griseus)
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