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Big Island  Hi
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The mysterious  Hells Bells  in cenote Hells Bells/Zapote Mexico with the mystic sulfur layer. These bells are only found there  nowhere else in the world.
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Tetralia cavimana  brownish coral crab  hiding between hard coral arms.  f/8  1/50  ISO 200  26mm  UCL 165 .   Els
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Big Island  HI
By Alison Ranheim
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solar nudi s
By Marc Van Den Broeck
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Underwater Photo Location: Neptune Tables

Underwater Photo Location: Neptune Tables

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The southest dive site in Israel - adjacent to the border crossing station to sinai and Egypt.
Two comfortable entrance points from the shore, almost in front of the 'princess' hotel.
After a short dive towards east, a large plane appears at a depth of about 24-25 meter, rich of large corals and a lot of marine life.
The site name has been given after typical large, round-table shaped corals. When you dive there, please be caucious not to break the fragile tables with your fins!
No special course recommended here, just a long and slow dive towards north.
Underwater photography gear is most recommended here !
Return path is towards west - till shallow water of 4-5 meter is reached - and then back south to the entrance point.

Facts about Neptune Tables
  • It is in Israel
  • Neptune Tables is in the Red Sea.
  • The typical depth is 0-30 Metres 0-100 Feet.
  • The typical visibility is 10-30 Metres 30-100 Feet.
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by Yoav Lavi
Taken with canon S50, inon micro-fisheye

by Yoav Lavi
Octopus eye
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