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 Glossodoris acosti
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Great Barracuda
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Juvenile Queen Angelfish
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Janolus sp.7
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Mantis shrimp
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Coleman shrimp couple on fire orchid
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posted 14:38 CST Today (6 hours ago)

Underwater Photo Location: The Manacles, Lizard point

Underwater Photo Location: The Manacles, Lizard point

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This area of reef covering approximately one square mile, is an abundance of shipwrecks and reefs ranging from 8m to 80m. There has been more loss of shipping here than on any other comparable reef on the entire south coast of Britain, with over 110 ships and more than 1,000 lives lost.

Located less than one mile from the launch site, the Manacles, one of the best dive sites on the south coast of Cornwall, offers some of the most exciting diving in the country.

Loads of Nudibranchs and if you are lucky even Basking sharks!!

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by Manue Bue
Sea hare Aplysia punctata. Photo taken at 25m on the Manacles off Cornwall's Lizard Coast, England, May 2009. With a sony T100 and Sea and Sea YS-27DX Strobe.

by Garnet Hooper
This photo shows that although British vis isn't always great, the underwater scenery can be!! The bryozoan Pentapora foliacea surrounded by Jewel anemones and sea beard. Fuji e900 with INON UFL-165AD fisheye lens, Ikelite housing & DS51 substrobe.

by Garnet Hooper
Another Pentapora, surrounded by the sponge Hemimycale columella, and a sea rose (nudibranch egg string). Fuji e900, Ikelite housing and DS51 stobe, and INON UFL-165AD fisheye lens.

by Ian Johnston
This is a huge Luidia. Photographed near the "Mannacles" reef in the SW of England. These starfish are quite common, and move suprisingly fast on their long tube feet. This one was a real bruiser - 0.5m across

by Ian Johnston
I know jewel anemonies are a cliche - but not without reason. Raglan Reef in SW England has walls and walls of these in all colours - this is why I dive in England. Shot with a Canon G10

by Ian Johnston
More jewel amnemonies on the Mannacles in teh SW of England - just can't resist them !
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